Try Your Luck in our Giveaway of 5 Premium Themes

TemplateMonster gives our readership an exclusive opportunity to win ANY 5 premium themes from its enormous collection. The giveaway is targeted at owners of sites of almost any type, from online portfolios and stores to blogs and other news portals. If you are interested in such a cool offering, read this post to learn about the timeframe, prize details, and steps to take in order to participate in the giveaway. For your convenience, let’s check these points one at a time.

1. Timeframe

The giveaway is being held over a weekly period, beginning on June 23rd and ending on June 30th. As you see, the deadline will soon be here, so don’t delay your participation in this draw.

2. Prize

Each of 5 winners can pick one premium theme powered by ANY content management system and eCommerce platform, depending on the website type. As an example, here are quick links to various types of themes that you could choose from the TemplateMonster inventory.

  • Go to this page with 2,000+ WordPress themes meant for a wide range of business niches.
  • Click here to take a view of 1,800+ Joomla templates designed with the latest trends in mind.
  • Follow the link to look through 1,000+ PrestaShop themes for middle-sized web stores.
  • On this page, there are 500+ OpenCart templates for small-size web stores.

Keep in mind that these are just examples, and you can select themes powered by any other engine, e.g. Drupal, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, VirtueMart and many others. It’s up to you which one you choose.

3. Steps

  • Visit the official site of TemplateMonster and pick any theme that meets your needs in terms of functionality and visual aesthetics.
  • Mention the ID of the desirable theme in the comments section of this post. Check this example: “I want the theme #54045.
  • Write a valid email address to receive your notification in the comments section of this post. All posts are set to private and will not be shared with others.

TemplateMonster Overview

TemplateMonster is positioned among the leading developers of premium themes and, in fact, leaves most of them behind because of the multitude and diversity of their available designs. Launched in 2002, the company has built an extensive assortment of 30,000+ themes powered by different CMSs and platforms over 13 years, which means the choice is really extensive. To help you pick the most suitable design for your site, TemplateMonster’s marketplace is pre-built with filters. With their aid, you can sort themes out by the following criteria: category, functionality, ranking, compatibility, release date, style, and color scheme.

Examples of TemplateMonster Themes

Do you wonder what TemplateMonster offers to customers? Then, take a look at some of the company’s latest themes below.

Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme

Demo | More Info
First of all, let’s take a look at one of the WordPress themes available in the TemplateMonster inventory. It is tailor-made specifically for real estate agencies, land brokers, construction companies, and interior & exterior design firms. However, this responsive theme is totally customizable and can, therefore, be adapted to any other business field. With a full-screen slider and large image gallery, the design provides an effective showcase of projects. Pixel-perfect icons, blue color accents and polygon background can enhance the style of your website, while a blend of parallax, lazy load and hover effects can deliver a livelier interaction for the site visitor.

* * *

Dufy Joomla Template

Demo | More Info
Dufy is a multi-purpose Joomla template designed in the flat style. With plenty of clean space and readable typography, it keeps everything simple and user-friendly. The template is easy to navigate due to a compact burger menu. Its categories come into view in the form of a sidebar on hover. The layout is divided into blocks, highlighting a lot of useful information, particularly services, team, blog post previews, testimonials, contact details and links to social profiles. Apart from the front page, this responsive template is also equipped with 4 standard and 11 extra pages (FAQs, Forum, Careers, History, Site Map, Pricing, etc). In that way, you will get everything you need for a ready-to-run site in one package.

* * *

Styler PrestaShop Theme

Demo | More Info
Styler is an ultramodern PrestaShop theme for merchants involved in the beauty and fashion industries. Use it to enrich your website functionality with a lot of handy options, e.g. social login, Ajax search, product filters, multilingual support, sticky mega menu, font & color customizer, and tabs. The latter will keep your new, popular, best-selling and special products within easy reach on the front page. What’s more, a subscription newsletter popup would be a useful addition to any website focused on increasing conversion rates. As for the visual side of this responsive theme, it boasts large slideshows, banners, mega footer, and custom block flavored with a parallax effect.

* * *

Existore OpenCart Template

Demo | More Info
Now check one of the latest OpenCart templates released by TemplateMonster. Existore is notable for parallax blocks with green buttons motivating customers to take action. Products are arranged in carousels that don’t occupy too much page space, but can still accommodate a lot of items. To indicate their status, you can make use of small badges and star ratings. Moreover, this responsive template is supplied with dropdown options keeping the layout cleaner, e.g. a currency converter, language switcher, and menu located on a sticky bar.

* * *

In the end, we’d like to remind you one more time that the themes listed above are just examples of what you could win. If you need something different, you are free to choose anything from thousands of unique options. So, we are looking forward to your comment, along with the ID of the theme you would like to win! Best wishes from our team!

960,000 until the center!

960,000. In the context of having a conversation about the solar system – our solar system – what do you think that number represents.

Earths. That’s the number of Earths that fit into the sun! So, let us give you another number.

Unlimited. Isn’t that a number too? Well, atleast it contains numbers 😉  An endless amount of them. Unlimited is the “number” that dictates the space you get when you host with Web Hosting Hub. Why is that important?

Because we know that blogs grow. We know that traffic increases when you do the right things. We know that with time, good business ethics, you will be successful, and you’ll need the ‘unlimited’ room provided by your web hosting service to provide you the space to do so!

Web Hosting Hub has launched its Summer Solstice campaign to give your idea weight. To plug your idea into the Internet and let it reach boundless markets. We get that here! One day, that number, 960,000 will be the number of hits your blog, your eCommerce store, your website gets daily.

And that journey will….


Social Media strategies for Social Media Week 2015

Social Media. Do you still question if you need it or not? One way we like to  look at social media is as a set of tools rather than the foundation that your whole business relies on. Or perhaps it is the whole platform that your website relies on – fine. How then do you optimize your social media efforts to get the full force of traffic and share of voice?
These strategies and questions are an example of what is going to be presented on at Social Media Week this upcoming June 6th to 12th.
Try answering a few of these questions, and see the sub-questions that pertain to social media:

  •  New and potential customers – who are you looking to reach? On which social media channel?
    • How will you reach new customers?
    • How will you convert potential customers?
  • Do you have a “loyalty” strategy for current customers?
    • Which social media channels do you see yourself being the most useful on to build customer loyalty?
  •  What demographic are you aiming to target?
    • Will social media broaden the demographic? To who and how ?
  • What channels are your competitors on?
    • What are their strategies for social media

A suggestion:
1. Write out all social media channels (Facebook, pinterest, etc)
2. Find your competition on those channels
3. Answer for yourself what social media channel you have time to create content on
a. Who is your content targeting?
b. What questions does your content answer?
c. What advantage does your content on social media have over your competition?

Whatever it is, make sure that social media is an option that you consider while the growth of your website expands.

About Social Media Week
Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world.
Human connectivity is being reimagined and SMW seeks to understand how humanity and technology will come together to change the ways we live, work and create.

3 Ways to be Successful in Email Marketing

Web Hosting HUB was at the 5th Annual Constant Contact event for Small Business Week this May 2015. We attended a lot of the workshops and had a booth set up for the over 1,000 small business attendees. A lot of the questions we got had to do with the steps following the registration of a website with a hosting company, as well how one should go about promoting their business. Given that the event was hosted by Constant Contact and a lot of the workshops had to do with content and email marketing, we’d like to share with some tips on email marketing for new and established businesses.  Here is our list of ‘3 Ways to be Successful in Email Marketing.’

1)  Start Small

There is no reason why you should be confined to the idea that email marketing works when you have thousands of emails on your list. Just 10 emails is enough to start on your email marketing journey. Why? Because those are 10 people that opted in to receive messages from you concerning deals or your content. That doesn’t mean stop growing your list – but by no means do you have to wait for a threshold of numbers before you start emailing your list.

Starting small allows for you to be short, concise, personal and to the point.

2) Be Useful

A lot of articles mention “To be successful you need to be useful.”  Yeah – go figure. How about some strategies?

  • Add an infographic
  • Send lists with expert advice
    • Depending on your industry, send tips that will be useful and help your clients
    • If you sell leather bags – send them “ 4 Ways to Prolong your Leather”
  • Offer web links to useful websites
    • TIP: link to your blog if you have useful content
  • Offer a Q&A via Survey
    • Sometimes members on your list have opinions, suggestions, and questions. Just send out a simple – “Howdy! How what do you think about this?”
    • This makes you better informed, and allows for your customers to tell you what they want

3) Have a Theme

Think of a tool. Craftsmen didn’t invent the wrench because they were bored. They created it because it was useful, and served a purpose. The same thing applies in your email marketing campaign. You need to have a theme for your campaign, and each one should be different.

The best way to break down purpose and theme is to first think of holidays, events, and geography. By inserting your campaigns with these three elements you cover a broad spectrum of space throughout the year.

If you’re emailing because of a discounted deal – say so. If you’re emailing to send your customer list a great article of tips – say so. Just have a purpose behind each campaign otherwise you’ll be crowding your monthly newsletter with content that will never get your users passed the subject line.



Roll Up Your Sleeves for #DreamSmallBiz


More Than Dreaming: Small Business 

Sometimes. No, scratch that. Anytime you want good results, it comes down to rolling your sleeves up and getting down and dirty. Even with tighter budgets, limited staff and resources, small businesses have a spark in them that keeps them motivated. And continues to motivate them to dream and dream BIG!

This sentiment is shared this year by the Small Business Administration’s announcement of the “2015 National Small Business Week (SBW)” taking places from May 4th to May 8th. The theme of this year’s SBW is to “Dream Big, Start Small.” We couldn’t agree more!

Tag your business posts with #DreamSmallBiz &  #BizHUB to show your support for small business or if you’re a small business yourself!

Web Hosting HUB wants you to make your dream into a reality this week. The truth is that you’ve wanted to create your website for a while now. You’ve wanted to post about the proper new-age diet for tabby kittens, or create a small online shop to sell your hand made necklaces or maybe you have an idea for the next Facebook. But ideas stop at the door of reality when we realize the daunting task of all that starting a business entails.

Not with us. HUB has always been dedicated to getting ma’ n pa’ shops,  bloggers, and innovators online as seamlessly and affordably as possible. We start our partnership with our customers by making sure they take full advantage of our 24/7 U.S based support team; because if you’re not as versed in the concepts of operating a website, you’ll need a hand – and we’re here to give it to you.

So what are you waiting for? You have everything to gain by registering today and start building your online presence. You’ll receive more traffic, more authority within your industry and peers, and you’ll have somewhere to refer customers that you meet at events and trade shows.

Don’t wait – success never does.