Save Time With Hub Web Hosting Transfer

Already have a domain or multiple domains with another registrar? Save time and effort by letting our expert support staff move them to your account at Web Hosting Hub.

All we need is your account information at your current registrar and we handle the rest. Forget the messy process of waiting for emails, codes and error messages. We handle it all for you. This means one bill from one company. Simplicity and ease at its finest.

Questions? Call 877-595-4HUB(4482) x2

How Does It Work?

You Will Do The Following:


Hand our expert support staff your domain or list of domains you want to transfer over to us.


Fill out our simple form with your login information at your current registrar(s).


Kick back and relax or get back to running your business - whatever suits your fancy.

We then take over after this 3rd step...

We Will Do The Following:


Initiate transfer process with your current host by filling out their transfer forms.


Change admin email addresses from your email to our email so you avoid receiving annoying transfer notifications.


We wait for registrar to send us official transfer codes.


We move your domains over to our registrars.


We reset admin information to your email address to put you back in control.


We notify you that the process has been completed.

We Can Move The Following Types of Domain Names

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .us
  • .biz
  • .info

We can support all other types of domains, but unfortunately they do not qualify for our domain transfer.

But you can still get our affordable hosting plans and point your domain to us.

Other Important Details

Domains Must Be Unlocked

In order for you to use our Domain Concierge Service, the domains must be unlocked (cannot be set to private) and past their 60 day waiting period after you have purchased them.

Turnaround Time

Domain transfers can take 7-14 days (although most of the time we have experienced it takes much less than that) depending upon the policies and procedures at your current registrar.