These are just some of the ways McAfee® Email Protection helps you.

  • Saves time and lets you focus on emails that matter.
  • Reduces inbox clutter.
  • McAfee® does all the work.


McAfee® Email Protection gives you the tools to keep harmful emails out of your inbox.

  • Advanced spam & virus protection.
  • Email attachment & content filtering.
  • Easy email management for custom protection

Easy Setup in cPanel

Once you've purchased McAfee® Email Protection, getting started is simple:

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Click on the McAfee® Email Protection icon or link
  3. Select the domain you want to protect
  4. Click on "Protect Domain"

That's it! 4 easy steps is all it takes.

How It Works

More than 20 layers of McAfee® technology stops over 99% of harmful emails.

  • McAfee's® proprietary filters detects and removes spam.
  • Content scanning & attachment filtering keeps out phishing scams.
  • WormTraq® detection intercepts worms.

Pricing & Information

Service packages can be purchased in the following configurations:

Package Price/Email/Mo. Monthly
Single $1.39 $1.39
5-Pack $0.99 $4.95
10-Pack $0.89 $8.90

The price is determined by the number of months you have left. It is this length multiplied by the price-per-email-per-month for the plan you are selecting.

For example, if you have 3 months hosting left and you select a Single-Pack Email Protection Plan, the total cost today is $4.17 ($1.39*3 months). At the end of 3 months when hosting and McAfee® Email Protection is renewed, the price will be $16.68 ($1.39*12 months).


McAfee® is committed to providing simple, effective, and automated solutions that minimize email risk.

Saves Time and Lets You Stay Focused

When spam becomes an issue, and your inbox gets flooded with tons of unwanted emails, your important emails gets lost. McAfee takes all that away so that you can put all your attention to the messages that are important to you.

Reduce Inbox Clutter

Reduce the time spent sifting through your inbox selecting choosing and deleting what you think might or might not be spam.

McAfee Does All the Work

McAfee works without you needing to do setup filters or enable any sort of complex script.

Setup is Easily Done in cPanel

We've integrated McAfee into cPanel to make it fast and painless to enable email protection for any and all of your domains.

Fraud Protection

Stopping harmful emails means reducing the chances of letting a virus enter your computer and allowing others gather sensitive information about you.

Saves on Costs

There's no need to buy expensive software or hire pricey "professionals" to manage your protection.


These features are working to keep your inbox free and clear of harmful emails. Best of all, McAfee® takes care of all the updating and maintenance! Just enable which domain you want to protect and all of these features start working for you.

Advanced Spam & Virus Blocking

McAfee's® patented software puts your inbound email through more than 20 layers of filtering designed to stop threats before it even reaches your network. Add-in McAfee's® proprietary anti-virus engine along with its WormTraqR® technology stops and prevents these types of harmful emails from reaching your network.

Email Attachment & Content Filtering

No more setting email filters to stop spam. McAfee® automatically identifies, quarantines, and blocks harmful attachments and content.

Easy Email Management for Custom Protection

If you are looking to setup your own custom filtering solution, McAfee® has the tools to let you define and manage personalized settings.

Email Attack Protection

McAfee® hides your network from the public internet. If you can't be found, you can't be attacked.

McAfee Inbound Email Filtering process.