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Hosting with Free PrestaShop is Easy!

Build your store and sell your products online.

PrestaShop is a free e-commerce application that is easy to customize to match your selling needs. With over 300 features and tons of themes to choose from, you can easily create an online store that not only works, but also matches your style.

As one of the premiere open source shopping carts, PrestaShop is supported by a devoted team of developers and designers. All working together to give you and your customers the best experience. Here are some of the features PrestaShop has to offer:

  • Dynamic Features
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Easy Payment Integration
  • Translate Your Store Into a Different Language
  • It's free!

Dynamic Features

It's Search Engine Friendly

With PrestaShop, you can create customer URL's, have keyword tags for your products, setup a Google Site Map (which makes it easier for Google to crawl your site), and put in product specific meta tags and description. All of this can be done using PrestaShops interface. There is no need to go searching through files looking for a place to code your SEO meta information.

Easy Payment Integration

PrestaShop makes multiple payment options available to users. These options allow the shop owner to accept payments by credit card, check, and even wire transfer! Other payment features include:
  • already integrated
  • Automatically configured tax setup by county, state and countries
  • Payment filtering by currency
  • Set prices according to segmented customer groups
  • and much more!

Go Global with Translations

With community members in over 150 countries, PrestaShop is global. This means you can sell your items in any country that PrestaShop supports. With PrestaShop, you can easily manage your store and create specific zones for your products. For example, you can choose to display items in one country and not another.

PrestaShop Hosting

At Web Hosting Hub, our goal is to make it easy for your to host your online store. PrestaShop is included in our easy to use 1-click application manager. This means you can easily install, update, and delete installations of your online store. We have also created an extensive Education Channel around PrestaShop to help you with the basics of getting your store running. Some tutorials include configuring your checkout in PrestaShop, setting up SEO, inventory management, and much more! Check out our PrestaShop Education Channel.

Special Promotional Terms

This special promotional pricing is valid on our 2 and 3 year hosting packages only. You will pay just $1.99/month for the first 3 months of your service. For the remainder of the term, the monthly fee will be $3.99/month.

There is a full money back guarantee of 90 days, and you can still cancel your service at anytime after this guarantee period for a pro-rated amount.

You can also purchase our 1 year hosting package at the non-promotional price.