Premium Website Builder - Advanced Tutorials

In the Premium Web Builder, you can create links to direct your visitors to a different website. This link can be created in the body of your web page, or in the Menu bar of your website.
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In this article we walk you through the steps to add a Facebook like button in the Premium Website Builder
Written by Christi Nickerson
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The Premium Web Builder is a great tool for new website owners to quickly build an efficient website. The Web Builder does have some limitations, however we have additional programs available to help you find the perfect program for you.
Written by Brad Markle
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To add additional websites to your Premium Web Builder, first an additional license will need to be purchased. Once that is completed, you can build and publish a new domain in your Web Builder account.
Written by Brad Markle
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If you want your visitors to be able to give you feedback on your website, you can add a Feedback Form in the Premium Web Builder.
Written by Brad Markle
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To help you use your own image for the banner of the Premium Web Builder, here we have provided a few tips to make the banner match your template.
Written by Brad Markle
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There are many ways you can change your menu to make your website more unique. In the Premium Web Builder you can change the bullet style, order, make subpages, and change the names of the menu pages.
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Text copied from Microsoft Word contains additional hidden tags that are viewable in published sites when those site are viewed in Internet Explorer. This article will walk you through the how to copy and paste from Microsoft Word into the Premium Website builder without those additional tags.
Written by Christi Nickerson
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Embeding audio or video files into the Premium Web Builder is easy with the Script Module included with the Builder. You can embed files you currently have on your computer, or embed videos from Internet sites such as Youtube.
Written by Brad Markle
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If you want to add a Guestbook to your website, the Premium Web Builder makes this an easy process.
Written by Brad Markle
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In this lesson we'll go over the steps for adding HTML or other code to a site using the Premium Website Builder.
Written by Christi Nickerson
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In this article we walk you through two different methods for integrating third party software with the Premium Website Builder
Written by Christi Nickerson
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The Premium Web Builder can automatically publish your website for you. If you receive an error when you try to publish, here we have more information to help you publish your website.
Written by Brad Markle
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One of the Special Pages available in the Premium Web Builder allows you to create a menu link that will download a file to your visitor's computer.
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Certain features on your site may require input from your users, such as when buying in e-shop or posting in your blog. The registration feature allows users to register once and eliminates the need to continually enter certain pieces of data over and over again.
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