You can view your Server statistics in the cPanel, which includes information such as your PHP version, and how many databases you have. In this guide we will explain the Server Stat information that can be viewed in your cPanel.

Viewing Your Server Stats:

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Click Expand Stats on the left side of the screen, it will drop-down and display your full Statistics. Below is a description of information displayed:

Main Domain Your Primary Domain will be listed here.
Home Directory Your bottom level folder will be listed here, for example: /home/userna99
Last login from The IP address for the last person who logged in
Disk Space Usage This shows how much space is allotted to your cPanel account and how much is taken.
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer The monthly bandwidth transfer shows how many MB's of information was downloaded from your site within the month.
Email Accounts The total number of email accounts you created will be listed here.
Subdomains The total number of subdomains you created will be listed here.
Parked Domains The total number of Parked Domains you have will be listed here.
Addon Domains The total number of Addon Domains you have will be listed here.
FTP Accounts The total number of FTP accounts you have will be listed here.
All SQL Databases The total number of SQL Databases you have will be listed here.
MySQL Databases The total number of Parked Domains you have will be listed here. This amount will be the same as the All SQL Databases amount, since they are all MySQL.
MySQL Disk Space The amount of space your databases are using in MegaBytes will be listed in this section.
Hosting package The type of hosting plan you have will be specified here.
Server Name Your server's name will be listed here
cPanel Version You can view the version of cPanel your server is using listed here.
Theme The cPanel theme you are using will be listed here, default is x3.
Apache version The version of Apache your server is running can be viewed here.
PHP version This area lists the version of PHP your server is using.
MySQL version The version of MySQL your server is running can be seen here.
Architecture The architecture is the type of Operating system the server has. For example, x86_64 is a 64 bit operating system.
Operating system The operating system in this statistic is very general. The distribution type is not show. You will only see linux in this statistic. You can always look at your phpinfo page to see the specific Operating System type. Almost all of our servers run the CentOS Linux distribution..
Shared IP Address The shared IP address is the server wide IP address that all cPanel accounts on the server uses. If you purchased a dedicated IP address, this statistic will show Dedicated IP Address instead of Shared IP Address.
Path to sendmail This is the path required for the send mail. In this example its /usr/sbin/sendmail.
Path to Perl This is the path to the Perl repository In this example its /usr/bin/perl.
Perl version This displays the version of Perl installed on the server. Example 5.8.8.
Kernel version The Kernel is the main component of the Linux Operating System. An example is 2.6.18-028stab094.3.
cPanel Pro Shows the cPanel Pro version in this case 1.0 (RC1).
Service Status Allows you to view the status of imap, ftpd, mysql, named, queueprocd, Server Load, Memory Used, and more.

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