One of the constant requests that come into technical support is the need for help in fixing or changing the banner.  Modifying the banner in the Builder interface may often not work because changing one graphic doesn't always catch ALL of the pieces of the banner.  The following article explains the first step in modifying the banner after the Builder website has been published.  In order to make these changes, you will need to have access to the Cpanel File manager or an FTP program and have knowledge as well as access to a graphics program that can work in layers (e.g. Adobe Photoshop or Gimp).  The banner will vary from template to template.  In some cases, it is one piece, but in others, it consists of multiple pieces. The following tutorial will explain how to identify the pieces of the banner after it has been published by the Plesk Premium Web Builder.  This article is followed by the tutorial on how to modify the banner for the Builder.


Locating the Banner Pieces for the Plesk Premium Builder Banner 

  1. You will first need to PUBLISH your Builder site.  Choose your template as per the screen below:


  2. Save your Template, build your site and then PUBLISH (step 5) your site. Click on step 5 as seen below:


    When the site is finally published, the files for the website are placed on your hosting server.  When you are working in the Builder, your files are not yet on the hosting server assigned to your account. Once your files are published, then we can proceed with finding your banner's pieces.

  3. Take a good look at the banner.  The primary reason it's often done in multiple pieces has to do with the change of computer screens.  Everything has become a wide-screen.  So, to accommodate this change, most of the templates are made to stretch or shrink depending on how big or small you make the browsing window for your website.  Here's a close look at the banner used in this tutorial:


    As per the screenshot above, the graphic is modified to stretch or shrink per the size.  To do this, the banner is broken into 3 major pieces.  A left side, a middle piece(used to stretch or shrink the image) and the right end of the graphic.

  4. Identify the file names for the pieces of the banner. The easiest way to do this is to use an internet browser like Mozilla's Firefox.  If you login to your website after it has been published, you can right-click with a mouse on the front page and then go to VIEW PAGE INFO in the drop down menu that appears. Here's an example of what you will see:


    When you click on View Page Info, you will see something like this:


    The IMAGES folder is the folder where the graphic files for the Builder are published.  Make sure to note where each piece of the banner is located.  Be sure to find all the pieces of the banner and the files associated to each.  You can do this with the Firefox browser or you can use other browsers, but the format (in terms of how they organize or show the graphics or media portions of the page) may be different. 

  5. Download banner graphic pieces you have identified to your local computer.  You can do this with the Cpanel File Manager or use an FTP Client.


When the files have all been located and you them saved on your computer, then you are ready to proceed to modify these files.  Bear in mind that even though may be making changes to these graphics, the file names of the files should remain the same.  The template from the Builder references these names, and they must be the same in order to appear correctly for the website. To proceed with modifying the files, go to Changing the Banner from the Plesk Premium Web Builder.  Here's a summary graphic explaining the possible pieces that you may see for a banner in the Builder:




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