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concrete5 is a free and open source content management system that is becoming a big contender in the CMS world. It allows your small business or enterprise website to be fully editable by the average Joe, from anywhere via the web browser. Templates, add-ons and other goodies in the concrete5 marketplace provide a wide variety of choices to have a unique and stylish design and user experience. Launch your concrete5 website quickly and easily by hosting with Web Hosting Hub today.

concrete5 is a great solution if you're looking for a free CMS that is easy to use and powerful. Below are a few noteworthy benefits:

Get your website online with concrete5

Get your website online with concrete5

Open source CMS that helps your build:

  • eCommerce sites
  • Small business sites
  • Online magazines
  • Non-profit & organizations
  • Personal homepages
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  • Easy to use
  • Marketplace
  • Active growing community
  • Small Business or Enterprise Ready
  • Powerful under the hood
  • It's free!

Best of all, the CMS accommodates three very distinct types of users: site editors, designers and developers.

For Site Editors

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Hands down the best feature for site editors is the in-context editing via the web browser. This means you can pull up your website and make edits from any computer, wherever you may be. It was made to easily update your meta data in case you have some last minute SEO changes or new content that needs to be addressed as well.

The marketplace is always up to date, and contains all sorts of add-ons and themes to customize your website's user experience. The team at concrete5 understands that a unique business identity is important and offers a large array of stylish website themes at competitive price points. In case you need assistance, there are multiple concrete5 tutorials in our help center.

For Designers

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They really had designers in mind when developing this product. You're not limited to a theme-only environment at all. You can actually convert (Concrete-ize, in their words) your regular HTML into a concrete5 theme in minutes. Simply place a snippet of PHP code in your desired editable areas and voilą! The add-ons have been well tested and you can be assured that installing multiple add-ons won't cause others to break.

Being open source allows concrete5 to be more than a simple WYSIWYG editor. You can build powerful and complex applications that you'll find working well with the flexible architecture.

For Developers

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On the surface, concrete5 appears to be a simple content editor. Under the hood is a completely different story. Utilizing Zend libraries for internalization and caching, MySQL with ADOdb Database Abstraction Layer, and being built on a robust open source PHP foundation, concrete5 is a robust and highly flexible framework. Each install has an encapsulated core directory that you don't have to think about. The override structure enables you to replace any core file, and upgrades are made easy. The concrete5 package format is the best way to bundle add-ons and modules in your website due to the ease of distributing, installing and uninstalling them.

The view layer for any block is changeable by adding a custom template while controllers, events, and everything else you're accustomed to are fully compatible.

concrete5 Hosting Requirements & Simple Installation

The concrete5 install is quick and painless and an instant demo is available if you'd rather test the waters first. Web Hosting Hub provides the best hosting for concrete5. Our servers run the latest Apache, MySQL, and PHP versions to ensure proper compatibility. For more information on what we offer, visit our hosting features and tools page.