Halloween and Why We Have Fun

Some of the marketing team from the Los Angeles office getting into the Halloween spirit.

Here at Web Hosting Hub we like to HAVE FUN and nothing beats a costume contest on Halloween. This years costumes ranged from the creative to spooky and everything in between and you could say that this diversity mirrors the uniqueness that everyone brings to our relaxed and positive centered company culture. Halloween is a reminder of how we at Web Hosting Hub celebrate our diversity all year round, because it’s what makes us unique and great as a web hosting company. Plus, conformity is boring and does not foster an environment of innovation, inclusiveness or ‘thinking outside the box’ on complex issues.

We work in an industry that supports the free flow of information, expression, innovation and sharing of ideas and it wouldn’t make much sense if we didn’t hold  true to these values ourselves. These are just some of the things that make working at Web Hosting Hub so rewarding. In addition to the lavish costumes this year, we had our weekly company lunch and engaged in a few good hours of bowling. We do all these things, not just because it’s fun, but because building a strong company culture and team is what has helped drive our success.

Make sure to check out all the fun and creative costumes of those who took part in the Halloween spirit and costume contest this year!