Web Hosting Hub Featured on Top10Inaction

Dun-duh-duh-dunnn! (You’ll have to imagine your own triumphant music).

Take a moment out of your day to check out Web Hosting Hub’s listing on http://top10inaction.com/web-hosting/

Isn’t that awesome? A company such as ours that started out specializing in small personal shared hosting can be listed as one of the best hosting companies around? Trust me, it was hard fought and hard won.

I have been working for Web Hosting Hub from its creation, and over the years we have worked to put our customers first in every way. There have been a lot of recent changes, like our new flexible hosting plans that let you get the power you want and need without requiring a full server upgrade, or just recently this month, the launch of our new website!

Though not one of the biggest hosting companies out there, we at Web Hosting Hub take great pride in our efforts to provide the best quality hosting services available. We believe in giving you the most bang for your buck, and as such we offer a variety hosting plans at fantastic prices. You have 3 plan levels to choose from; from the Spark to get you started, the Nitro which is perfect for small businesses, and Dynamo, designed for more dynamic sites. (See what we did there?)

Our plans offer more flexibility than most shared hosting packages available with other companies. Pick the level of hosting you need without worry because all of our plans come with our amazing US Based Support Team and reliable uptime and services.

All of these changes and improvements to our plans and services have been for you, we keep our customers in mind, so I think it’s only fair to say thank you to our loyal customers, and to our new customers too. It is for you that we have pushed the envelope of web hosting service, and we know it is through you that we are successful.

So, thank you, everyone, for your part in getting us here, we will only continue to improve in the future and it’s great that http://top10inaction.com/web-hosting/ has picked up on our diligence to deliver the best quality hosting and customer service in the market.