Introducing Web Hosting Hub’s New Design

2ScreensRightWe at Web Hosting Hub are happy to announce the official launch of our new website! The new modern design presents a professional image with its clean-cut features and sleek appearance. It is suitable for any person, company or organization that needs a polished presence on the web. The recently released website design was built to meet all of the latest web standards. It is written to standard in HTML5 and is responsive on all devices. The user navigation has been streamlined as well. Continue reading “Introducing Web Hosting Hub’s New Design”

Web Hosting Hub’s Annual Holiday Party

As another year comes to an end, so too, come the holiday parties and new years resolutions.  This year, Web Hosting Hub celebrated the holiday season and the end of the year by treating all its 200 plus employees to a night of fine dining, open bar, laughs, prizes and of course our twice a year profit sharing distribution. Our profit sharing scheme makes this time of year all that more exciting, because all eligible employees of Web Hosting Hub receive a bonus depending on the overall profitability of the company… and this year was another profitable year for Web Hosting Hub.  I believe that  this is just one of the many reasons that we are doing so well as a company, because when you have a stake in the success of your company, then by default we are going to put in that extra work to make sure the customer is happy and that our products are the best on the market. Continue reading “Web Hosting Hub’s Annual Holiday Party”

Team Member Profile: Mike Zyvoloski

Web-hosting-hub-about-us-mike-zyvoloskiHometown: Springfield, Virginia
Position: Business Development & Affiliate Marketing
Web Hosting Hub team member since 2011

How did you get started in the web hosting field?

I have a BS Computer Science with a minor in Network and Data Communications and have always been in the “computer world”. I spent much of my early career working with various types of servers & networking components until one day I figured out I would rather work with people instead of machines so I left that line work and got into Sales and Marketing. After a few years I decided to open a new business with my father outsourcing managed services for small businesses that couldn’t afford an in-house IT Department. Of course one of the main services is Web Hosting & Web Design. After doing that for a few years Web Hosting Hub caught my eye and decided to come work for one of the best web hosting companies in the industry! Almost 4 years later I still love coming into work every day and have the privilege of working with the best team around.

What’s your current role at Web Hosting Hub? What do you like most about it?

I have the privilege to work with all of our various partners here at Web Hosting Hub no matter how small or large. Those partners range from small website owners who join our affiliate program to help spread the word about our amazing products and services all the way to industry leaders who reach millions of people on a daily basis. No matter how small or large the partner, they all bring something unique to the table and I really enjoy working with each of them to ensure that Web Hosting Hub can offer the best hosting product suite in the market!

Coolest aspect of your job?

I love to travel and it’s even better when your company has so many places to send you! One month I may have 2 WordCamp’s and 3 Trade Shows to attend all over the country and the next month I get to visit a partner to talk about how we can offer our customers a better hosting experience. For example in January I will be attending WordCamp Phoenix, Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, PressNomics back in Phoenix, and not to mention visiting my team in Los Angeles then planning a trip to visit some partners in Australia in February. You can’t tell me that’s not a pretty cool part of the job!

What would you like to tell us about yourself?

I’m 6’4”, a Taurus, enjoy long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners… Just playing. As you can tell I am loving my job here at Web Hosting Hub and if you have an idea on how we can work together please contact me anytime! I love to meet new people and hear new ideas!

What’s one word that would describe your personality?

Left-Handed for those 10% of you who are a southpaws you know what I am talking about!

Why You Need A Website

responsive websiteIt’s 2014 and you don’t have a website (gasp! let me catch my breath). Maybe you don’t see the full value of owning a website or the need, but I’m here to tell you why you need a website from a professional standpoint. If you’re a student, business owner, or a working professional, then you make up a majority of the adult population and you need a website. I can’t stress it enough… which I think you can tell. There is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t have a website in 2014 and I will lay them out for you. The first thing that comes to mind, is that it’s an opportunity to make money and a lot of people are making money online. Continue reading “Why You Need A Website”

Halloween and Why We Have Fun

Some of the marketing team from the Los Angeles office getting into the Halloween spirit.

Here at Web Hosting Hub we like to HAVE FUN and nothing beats a costume contest on Halloween. This years costumes ranged from the creative to spooky and everything in between and you could say that this diversity mirrors the uniqueness that everyone brings to our relaxed and positive centered company culture. Halloween is a reminder of how we at Web Hosting Hub celebrate our diversity all year round, because it’s what makes us unique and great as a web hosting company. Plus, conformity is boring and does not foster an environment of innovation, inclusiveness or ‘thinking outside the box’ on complex issues. Continue reading “Halloween and Why We Have Fun”

Web Hosting Hub Attends WordCamp San Francisco

WordCamp San Francisco: Visiting the Birthplace of WordPress


What a turnout with over 900 in attendance at this years WordCamp San Francisco.

This year at Web Hosting Hub, we attended WordCamp San Francisco with our sister company InMotion Hosting.  As a hosting company, we make an effort to attend as many WordCamps as possible and  to always support WordPress and the WordPress community at large. San Francisco is the home of WordPress; a platform that now runs and manages the content of over 23 percent of the websites on the internet.  This is quite the feat for any organization and especially from it’s modest beginnings just 11 years ago and we feel like we share a very similar story with WordPress and that those with common goals need to stick together. For that reason, we are dedicated to supporting WordPress with easy use, implementation and one-click instillation on our servers and much more. What I liked about WordCamp San  Francisco, is that I believe that you have to know where you come from in order to know where you are going and this is the reason Web Hosting Hub attended once again. Continue reading “Web Hosting Hub Attends WordCamp San Francisco”

Web Hosting Hub Furthers Its Commitment to Women

Web-hosting-hub-blogging-blogher14If you’ve never heard of BlogHer before, it’s one of the most influential blogging networks for women online. They are so influential that presidential nominees in the United States have sought their approval and influence in the past two elections. Besides its political influence, BlogHer is a great resource for women both seasoned and new to blogging. BlogHer provides community, collective bargaining power, exposure and advertorial magnetization resources to its members. Founded in 2005 by Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone, BlogHer has grown over the past decade to an astounding reach of more than 100 million visitors a month.  It’s fair to say that they are kind of a big deal and the crowd you want to be in with. This year, they held their tenth annual conference appropriately in Silicon Valley, where they held their first conference and started as an organization. However, this year brought over 5,000 attendees. Continue reading “Web Hosting Hub Furthers Its Commitment to Women”