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"I wish to reiterate that I am thrilled with the phone tech service you provide. Yesterday I worked with David A., and he walked me through things I could not even imagine how to do regarding getting new items installed on my blog site. He is courteous, very, very knowledgeable and especially tolerant of my hearing problem. I promote you guys every chance I get with my social media contacts who are writers and authors. Thank you, David, you are a superhero in my estimate."
Nick Merolesi

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James Ohr Said:

Just wanted to say that Brian C. did a great job assisting me today with a problem I was having getting PHP and email working. One of the reasons I switched hosting providers was for support (Arvixe has deteriorated over the past 6 months) - and while I seldom use support once I get things working, it is reassuring to know that help is quickly available. Keep up the great work.

Donna Enzenauer Said:

Austin M. helped me with a few of my questions and was able to help me through the checkout process. I was very happy with the service he provided me and I look forward to beginning my first site with the assistance of Web Hosting Hub. A big reason I chose your company was for the great customer service I had heard of. The first impression definitely lived up to what I had read in reviews.

Andrew Muller Said:

I talked with Matt S. about moving my elderly friend`s dormant, very small business site to Web Hosting Hub and enabling online purchasing capability. I was referred by after I explained to them our need for a cost effective hosting service that offers good patient support for newbie small sites. Matt was very courteous and thorough in answering all my questions. We will enroll with Matt next week, and I`d definitely recommend Matt and your service to others.

Tracy Pielemeier Said:

I have done live chat multiple times in the past few days, and have been so pleased with the service. Website management is a bit more than I imagined, but what I love about Web Hosting Hub is that someone is always at the ready to help me.

Gustavo Chaparro Said:

I am writing to inform you about the exceptional service I received from Craig. I felt in good hands with him, not only for his knowledge which was top notch but more importantly, his customer service and attention to detail. He gave special attention to the issue at hand and fixed my site back to original without missing a beat. I would love to see Craig receive recognition for his dedication to service and his technical aptitude. He is sharp and spot on! Thank you.

Pat Smith Said:

Spoke with your representative Joshua G. and was VERY satisfied with his help. I use Web Hosting Hub for hosting my web site. It is for now just a fun thing. However over the years I have used several other companies with upsetting results. So far Web Hosting Hub really works for me. I recommend it to everyone I can. Thanks for being a part of my web experience.

Rob Masek Said:

I have to say I`m constantly impressed with the customer service I receive at Web Hosting Hub. Chat is my favorite feature. Aaron F. helped me out today in no time flat. Just wanted to show my appreciation. Keep up the great work!

Ursula Louis Said:

Wanted to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with Nathan and how he helped me. He went the "whole nine yards". I haven`t had service like that with my present web hosting company, Verio, in years; and I was with them for over 10 years. I have been impressed with everyone at Web Hosting Hub that I have spoken to so far. Thank you, and I look forward to your excellent service once the migration takes place.

John Marotta Said:

I`m new on your server and have spent over 20 years on a number of different servers. I needed help getting set up about 6 months after I signed up with your company and had trouble getting into Cpanel and misc. housekeeping on the site. In less than 15 minutes Jami had me into Cpanel and answered all my questions. I found Jami`s help very professional and a cut above the average help desk person. This makes me feel better about my choice to go with Web Hosting Hub and will definitely recommend you to other potential clients.

Jacob Schulz Said:

I would like to provide feedback for the service and support that Brian C. has provided to me through the chat. He has greatly assisted me with getting the domain setup, in addition to the Wordpress website as well. He has even directed me to the guides on getting everything set up for the site along with email accounts.Thank you very much and please keep doing a great job in providing support. You all provide great support over there via phone, email and chat in my experience.

Paul Jones Said:

I contacted Adam C. who was very pleasant with helping me setup a hosting account for my domain, Paul Jones International. The process with his assistance was smooth and fast. I am very happy with his professionalism and would be happy to recommend your service to anyone who requires hosting services.

Adam Collins Said:

I have chatted with Brian C. a couple different times recently and he does an awesome job. Always patient, friendly and informative. Thanks for being a wonderful company. You guys have been great every single time I've ever needed anything. I recommend Web Hosting Hub to anybody I think could use your services.

Erin Snyder Said:

I'm so impressed with the level of service your staff member Megan has given me. She was so helpful in calling me Monday morning after I signed on over the weekend. She sent me links to help me get started and right on time again she had emailed me this morning somehow knowing I was up very late working on my site. ;) I was a bit frustrated getting all things in the right place. I'm terrible at asking for help and getting her email this morning reminded me how great people are there to help me anytime of day! Congratulations on excellent service! Look forward to several years to come.

Kathryn Wolterman Said:

Jami O. has assisted me via chat twice now with combating hackers who were attempting to gain access to our emails and log in information and was very helpful and offered clear instructions. As always, the superb support is one of the reasons why I recommend Web Hosting Hub to everyone I know who is looking to host a domain and Jami was yet again an excellent help to myself and my team.

Jupiter Jim Said:

I want to thank Brett for the outstanding job he did helping me with my account which was recently hacked.The sites were so screwed up that Web Hosting Hub support could not do a simple restore.Brett showed me how to use FTP to re-install WordPress, while keeping some critical files BUT deleting the plugins folder so I could Re-install some fresh, updated plugins.He totally saved years of hard work on 4 sites! Amazing!

Susan White Said:

Patrick O. did a great job answering our questions and helping enroll us with Web Hosting Hub as our web provider. He was clear, concise, informative and knowledgeable throughout the process. It was one of the best customer service experiences we have had recently. There were no holds, referrals to a coworker, or transfers of our call. We were also happily surprised that the business is in our home state and that all customer calls will be answered by someone in Virginia.

Betsey Keyton Said:

Just wanted to say that Jami did a great job trying to get me up and running with my new web site. He was very patient and understanding of my lack of knowledge, answered all my questions, and was very pleasant. I appreciated the time taken and Jami not getting irritated with me when I did not understand things. Great job!

Lori Wallace Said:

I would like to let you know about the excellent help I received from your tech Alex K. My soon to be launched website was not loading the correct homepage. Instead of telling me how to fix it (I am NOT a techie) he asked a few questions and said it would be his pleasure to help. And, he fixed it. I am very grateful and a loyal Web Hosting Hub client. I really appreciate receiving answers to my tech questions like Alex K responded. Your offer to fix the problem is the best. Thank you for the piece of mind that is Web Hosting Hub tech.

Jeanie Hughes Said:

I have yet to have a bad experience with Web Hub Hosting! Jonathon H. continues my blessed streak of FANTASTIC customer service. He was able to help me figure out what I did incorrectly and I understood! I really appreciated the website help! You guys have an amazing team! Thanks for help you give, anytime of day!

Nick Wilson Said:

I wanted to express my extreme satisfaction with the level of customer service I received today from one of your associates, Sommer H., over chat. From my interaction with your customer service associate, I could tell that your staff are trained very well, know their product and company policies, and are helpful and polite. It is also good to see that, unlike many other companies, you appreciate the value of customer retention as well as new customer acquisition. Based on my experience this morning, I am happy to renew my web hosting services with your company for another 3 years.

Liesel Lund Said:

Clarke was very helpful to take the time yesterday and do the SSL install that others had failed to do. He waited and made sure we had everything done. It was great to finally get someone who would take the initiative to make it happen, rather than having me put in yet another help ticket.

James White Said:

I just wanted to, once again, sing the praises of your magnificent support team. Whether it is by chat, or by phone, your support team knocks it out of the park each and every time, without fail. Today it was Rachel P. who was a support all-star, but your whole team deserves equal accolades. I am delighted to be a HUB customer and I appreciate all that you do to be number one in customer service. Thank you.

Carla Butler Said:

Just wanted to leave some feedback for your CS agent Shea R. As always, I received perfect customer service via your online chat, which enabled me to take advantage of your current offer/discount code without needing to make an international call. Having bought numerous hosting accounts with yourselves, I am again pleased and impressed with the speed, efficiency and politeness of your staff to enable me to start building a new website for my current employer.

Patricia Thompson Said:

I was having a problem replying to emails and received failure messages when attempting to log in to CPanel. (I manage my emails through CPanel, rather than through an email client.) Adam W. and Casey B. were not only very responsive, but they also treated me and my problem with respect. That was greatly appreciated. My email started working again today without any additional action on my part, but it was good to know that your support people could provide possible courses of action within a short period of time. My thanks to them both!

Jason Byrd Said:

I just wanted to forward on my thanks in my recent and first troubleshooting request. My site crashed and Abraham S. had the issue isolated and resolved faster than I could have ever hoped. Also, he went far beyond just what I requested. I was of the belief I just needed a server reboot however he identified a bad access file, fixed it and notified me of what he had done to resolve the issue. He was a great credit to Web Hosting Hub and I can't thank him enough for getting us back online so quickly. I haven't needed for much but when I did, he was there and this gives me great confidence for the future.

Celine LeBlanc Said:

I just wanted to let you know about the wonderful experience I had with Aubrey M. Although in the beginning he could not find my file, it turned out that it was my fault for not giving him the main domain name. He was able to help me within 5 minutes of an issue I had been struggling with for the last hour and a half. Thanks, Web Hosting Hub for having a really knowledgeable group of support staff 24/7. Now that I am in Spain, I really appreciate being able to reach someone despite of the time difference.

Karen Bozvay Said:

I want to let you know that Harry J. was a tremendous help to me today. As every end user will tell you, "I thought I knew what I was doing", only to discover that I did not know- after the fact-of course. He assisted me in moving my installation to the top level instead of the sub directory that I originally installed to. In the process of trying to fix this myself I mucked up a few important files. And now everything is fixed and I couldn't be more grateful for Harry's help.

Kevin Johnson Said:

I just wanted to let you know how awesome Harry J. is! I just signed up yesterday and could not, for the life of me, figure out how to setup Wordpress without messing up our current site. Instead of just giving me directions, Harry J. actually did it all for me. I am now 100% set up for success! Please give him whatever your company's version of a gold star is - he deserves it!

Clara Monroe Said:

I had an issue with my custom 404 error page loading today and started a chat with Malcom M. He was able to quickly resolve the problem and seemed happy to do so. He gave updates as to the amount of time it would take to resolve as well as check to ensure I was able to see the page before ending the chat. I just wanted to say thanks and let you know how much I appreciated his help.

Coleman Armes Said:

Adam C. was very helpful. I am a first time blogger and was very confused with how to set one up and the whole process. He was patient with me the whole time and gave me a discount. I was also very impressed with the fast customer service too. I wasn't on the line very long and immediately got help from Adam.

Ken Purell Said:

I want to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with one of your support team web hosting consultants (Sean B.). Sean was able to formulate an email while explaining to me each link that I would receive via that email reference to changing my domain link from While getting started is challenging, it is your great staff that makes things much, much easier to not only follow but to lock in those instructions for future use. Thanks to Sean B. for a job well done!!!

Jessy Jepson Said:

Brett made me feel much more at ease with the sites that I am working on transferring over. Thank god for knowledgeable and friendly tech support people, definitely one of the reasons that I am changing host providers. Thank you for having people like this working for your company. I look forward to having a long relationship with Web Hosting Hub. Thanks again. :-)

Jean Mayer Said:

Mike R. did a wonderful job in helping me with my questions and getting me started with WordPress. It was a pleasure having him as a consultant. I hope all of your consultants are as pleasant and helpful as he was.

Chai Nakpiban Said:

I recently had a very good sale chat experience with Nick Thurman. Via the Web Hosting Hub Chat, he was able to get me in on a promotional 3 year deal. In all my years of chat-based support, I haven't ever received efficient service with accurate information. Not only was Nick able to get me signed up but he also was able to answer my technical questions regarding transferring over my existing websites. I look forward to continued great service with Web Hosting Hub.

Vicki Lee Said:

I just wanted to say I couldn't be more happy to be with Web Hosting Hub. When I was researching what host to use, yours came up with very high marks. I mainly selected Web Hosting Hub due to the up-time percentage (it doesn't go down) and the ease of use. But since then, when I recommend Web Hosting Hub to anyone who asks, the main reason is the customer support.

Alan Addinall Said:

I had a problem with my primary email address and contacted the online help by chat. I was quickly and efficiently helped by Alicia H. I was wonderfully surprised by the great ease and competent help I received from her. I had another issue which was also sorted by another one of your staff named Malcolm M. It is always a great experience to be helped by people who know what they are doing and who can help the less experienced clients they sometimes have to deal with.

John Bissen Said:

Hi - I worked with Samuel G this morning to troubleshoot why my domain was not registered. He was able to figure out what was going on and get to a successful resolution. In the last year I have contacted support a few times and appreciate how easy and fast it is to get a hold of Web Hosting Hub support for help.

John DeAscentis Said:

Jhaimesen was a great help in getting my account set up! After talking to him via chat to confirm whether my order had gone through, he got me on the phone and got my account set up quickly and easily. He also sent me the info I needed to get started with configuration and WordPress, and answered my questions about domain transfer from GoDaddy. I picked Web Hosting Hub because it was well reviewed online, with many reviews mentioning great customer service, and Jhaimesen proved that reputation correct.

Kinga Mila Said:

I'd like to thank very much Adam Block for his assistance. I found his response prompt and VERY helpful. Judging the situation I was in he's done everything possible to solve it on the spot ( tried to manually over the phone accept payment for hosting a website). Due to continuous problems with my card he advised me to contact sales department at appropriate time. Such great customer service makes me feel good about my website hosting company choice.

Resha Jazrawi Said:

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic support I received from Alex K. She was very helpful, courteous and warm in her emails and I felt the quality of service I received was extremely high and reflects very well on your company. Many thanks!

Yvette Durham Said:

I just wanted to say I am so grateful for Shea helping me out starting up my blog. Shea was so efficient, answered my questions right away and helped me traverse the world of blogging that I really know nothing about. Great team member!

Patricia Brown Said:

Jonathan H. was wonderful. He quickly sorted out the problem and got the IP address whitelisted. I wish all my tech support was this fast and painless. Polite, good sense of humor... and that's tough in a job where people are probably yelling at you for a lot of the day.

Brian Cox Said:

I just wanted to let you know that I was super impressed with how quickly Robert B. was able to get my website back up and running. You have a great team and I am glad that I chose to host with Web Hosting Hub. Thank you for providing excellent service and I will continue to point all of my friends in need of a website to your company.

Stacy Ebert Said:

This is an email just to say that I recently had a chat session for technical support with Malcolm M., and he was a great help to me!!! He stepped in and took care of my problem very quickly! This is the kind of support I need when time is short. He saved me time and a headache today! Thanks for the support!

Melinda Martinez Said:

I contacted technical support today because I was having problems finding out how to install plugins on my website. I had the privilege of getting to work with Harry J. He was very informative and knew exactly what I was wanting to do. He was able to walk me through the process as well as send me a tutorial link for future reference. He made the process very stress free and enjoyable. I have never had a bad experience with the support staff here at Web Hosting Hub, everyone is always willing to help and extremely knowledgeable. I will continue recommending this company as the top notch hosting company it is. I look forward to working with Web Hosting Hub for many years.

Nikola Misic Said:

My name is Nikola, and yesterday I bought a hosting package at Web Hosting Hub. I would look to put in a good word for your employees Simone and Mike R. who were very kind and helpful during the process. This is the second time I bought hosting from you guys, your services and the way you treat customers are great! Keep up the good work!

Becky O'Haire Said:

I was just chatting with Harry J. for technical support. This is day one of my first blog and i am utterly clueless. He was very helpful and patient despite my complete lack of understanding and he waited with me until I managed to change the setting (which turned out to be ridiculously easy). I'm quite happy with my decision to go with your company right now, i'd be lost without the support.

Scott Clevenger Said:

I have a domain and hosting with your company, and I had a technical problem. I used the chat support and was connected with Sean L., who promptly fixed my problem when I was unable to fix it myself after hours of searching. I just wanted to say this was a fantastic experience and I would give my highest rating of feedback to Sean L. for his knowledge and professionalism.

Robert Gambino Said:

I wish to let you know that you have an excellent employee in your customer tech support area. Sean L. helped me out in live chat today and I can't tell you how valuable his insight and straight forward help was. I am tasked with being a web page administrator for a small non profit charitable organization, but I am NOT web page savvy at all. Your folks have always helped me out and solved my problems quickly. Sean L. was no exception to this excellent service.

Steve Hogan Said:

I just got off of chat with Sean L. He totally saved my tail on a database problem that I inflicted on myself. Without his help, I was probably looking at 8 hours of work. He went the extra mile and I really appreciate it.

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"Please know that Christopher R. and Jhaimesen J. were both very helpful today. As always, your staff are really easy to work with and always have a "can do" attitude that I truly appreciate."
Mary Louise Gerek