Save Time With Hub Web Hosting Transfer

Already have a web hosting account elsewhere? Save time and effort by letting our expert support staff move your existing hosting account to a new account at Web Hosting Hub.

All we need is your account information at your current host and we handle the rest. Forget the messy process of waiting for emails, codes and error messages. We handle it all for you. This means one bill from one company.

Transfer website

How It Works

We have simplified this process with a straightforward request form. If you can access your current hosting account then you have everything needed to request a transfer to your new Hub account. Just fill in the blanks with the necessary information, click submit, and let us work our magic!

  • Purchase Hosting Plan
    1. Purchase a New Hub Hosting Plan

    Get the ideal domain name for your website. You can get .com, .net, .org and .us domains from us. Or transfer over any of these domains you have with another provider. You can also just point any domain from another provider to us.

  • Request Transfer Form
    2. Submit the Website Transfer Request Form

    Once you have access to your Account Management Panel you can select the Transfer Request Form. It will require the name of your current hosting provider, credentials to your old account, and the amount of data we will be transferring for you. Our Transfer Team will review your request and make sure we have all the information needed to complete the transfer before initiating the process.

  • Relax
    3. Take a Deep Breath, Relax

    You’re done! Just wait to hear from our transfer team to confirm the completion.

After the Transfer

Our support staff will test your site on our hosting environment to ensure the transfer went off without a hitch. Then we will get in touch with you to instruct you on how you can test your website yourself on the new hosting environment and then point your domain to our nameservers once you are ready.

  • Test Site
    1. Test Your Site

    Your new hosting comes with a Temporary URL that can be used to test your site before making it go live.

  • Update DNS
    2. Update Domain Nameservers

    The transfer team will be providing you with step by step instructions on updating your DNS to complete the process.

Quick Reference



Zero Downtime Transfer

Zero Downtime

What We Transfer

What we transfer for you

  • YesSite Files
  • YesDatabases
  • YesEmail Accounts1
  • YescPanel Setting
  • YesDomain Records
What We Need

What we need from you

  • YesAccount Information
  • YesLogin Credentials


  • Yes$0*

How to begin

  • YesStep 1: Purchase a new hosting account. Get Started!
  • YesStep 2: Submit the Transfer Request Form
  • YesStep 3: Relax
Wrap Up

Wrapping Up

Our support staff will test your site on our hosting environment to ensure the transfer went off without a hitch. Then we will get in touch with you to share the good news and help you point your domain to our nameservers.
(1) Email is only included with cPanel transfer

Additional Details

Free Transfer

We do our best to provide this as a free service to all of our new customers. Qualifying for this as a free service depends on the size of your hosting account. Continue reading to determine how you can qualify for free zero-downtime transfer.

Zero Downtime
Zero Downtime Transfer

The best part about our free transfer service is that it requires absolutely ZERO downtime to your sites. Our transfer team will move your content onto a Temporary URL initially so that your sites can stay up and running with your current host in the meantime. Then once we finish all the heavy lifting for you, you simply have to point your domain to our Nameservers.

Turnaround Time
Painless Process

Sit back, relax, and rest easy knowing that our transfer process was designed to be straightforward and simple for you. Our trained transfer specialists will transfer everything for you, from files to emails and more. Start a Sales Chat today for the most up to date details.

*What Qualifies for free transfer?


cPanel allows for a simplified transfer process and makes it easier for us to transfer sites for you for free. If you are currently using cPanel and your account is within 5GB in size then you qualify for a free transfer when purchasing your new hosting plan. What is cPanel? How large is my account?

If you are not using cPanel with your current host, or if your cPanel account is larger than 5GB, we offer to transfer up to three sites and/or databases for free. Each site and database must be within 5GB in size to qualify.

If you still do not qualify for a free transfer based on these parameters, have no fear! We can still transfer sites for you for a minimal fee. Just $10 per site and database is all it takes to obtain the ease of mind of having our professional transfer team ensure your transfer is handled quickly and correctly.