Emails sent from/to addresses on same domain not working

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2016-03-02 1:43 pm EST

I've got a Wordpress site using Ninja Forms for their contact form. The form submission script is configured to send emails from an address NOT on the site's domain, and send to 3 different addresses, 2 on the domain and 1 being a gmail address. Only the gmail address is getting the submissions. If I configure it so the "from" address is on the domain, like noreply@, nobody gets an email.

What must we configure in cPanel to get our PHP-based mail scripts to work using addresses on the domain of the hosting? I recall running into this issue with cPanel before and that the solution is a checkbox buried in a corner of the hosting panel.


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2016-03-02 2:22 pm EST
Hello Mark,

Sorry for the problems with the email being sent from your WordPress site. All mail must be verified with an account, so in the case of your form, it would need to use an established email account created in the cPanel. This way the mail can be sent using SMTP based with that account. Configuration for the email in WordPress is done in the php.ini file (see Updating your Local PHP settings for more info). You'll need to make sure these settings are in the file:

smtp_port = 587
username =
password = yourmailpassord
sendmail_from =

You can create the email account in cPanel. If you don't want email to be sent to that address, create a forwarder for that specific email address, then click on "Discard and send an error " option for the forwarder. You can even designate the message that is seen.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.

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This problem persists, and following all of these prescriptions hasn't helped.

I've confirmed that I can send a basic PHP-scripted email from an address on the domain to any address NOT on the domain, but the same script sending to an address on the domain fails.

All addresses intended for use have been added in cPanel and the email routing for the domain has been configured to use a remote mail exchanger. Still nothing.

I find it silly, given all of the functionality and configuration that cPanel provides, that one would need to directly edit the php.ini for any reason.

Does anybody have some insight?

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2016-03-02 6:21 pm EST
Hello Mark,

Sorry for the continued problem with the form. I was looking at your account notes and it appears that you spoke with a tech, made mail routing remote and set your php.ini local. Can you verify that you're still having a problem after making those changes? Please let us know and we can look into it further.

Arnel C.
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2016-03-03 5:25 am EST
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