cPanel - Advanced Tutorials

To keep track of how many people visit your site, where they are coming from and other important information, you can use Awstats in your cPanel.
Written by Brad Markle
Hits: 7,443
You may want to create a timed redirect page when customers encounter a 404 error on your website. The following tutorial shows how to easily make this error page and the option for it to automatically jump back to the page you want displayed.
Written by Arnel Custodio
Hits: 1,590
Written by Arnel Custodio
Hits: 4,357
phpMyAdmin is included with all hosting accounts at Web Hosting Hub. To access phpMyAdmin, you must first log into your cPanel. This article will help you install PHPMyAdmin on your account so it can be accessed outside of cPanel.
Written by Brad Markle
Hits: 10,796
If somebody visits a page on your site that does not exist, you can customize the page that they see as the error page.
Written by Brad Markle
Hits: 4,958
There are hundreds of perl modules ready to be installed onto your account that can be easily accessed through your cPanel.
Hits: 1,869
Written by Arnel Custodio
Hits: 1,934
A cron job can be automatically set up through your cPanel. This allows you to automate certain commands or scripts on your website.
Written by Brad Markle
Hits: 19,854
Written by John-Paul Briones
Hits: 355
If you are using third party software that requires a MySQL Database, you can create one directly in your account cPanel.
Written by Brad Markle
Hits: 11,783
DomainKeys and SPF Records are two tools available to help fight spam and email spoofing.
Written by Brad Markle
Hits: 7,386
Learn how to take a cPanel addon domain from one cPanel account and move it into another.
Written by Jacob Nicholson
Hits: 1,758
In your cPanel, you can password protect a folder so that only those you give out the password to are able to access it.
Written by Brad Markle
Hits: 12,178
In this article we explain how to redirect your domain to either the www or non-www version of it's URL.
Written by Christi Nickerson
Hits: 153,597
This tutorial will explain the php configuration ini file and provide each versions default settings.
Written by TJ Edens
Hits: 1,053

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