Softaculous is located within your cPanel

Softaculous is a software application installation tool that makes it easy for you to load some of the most popular internet applications.  You can find it in your Cpanel under Software/Services. Softaculous makes it easy to load the software with only a few mouse clicks.

This educational channel provides you the instructions to use Softaculous to load, manage, or backup these applications onto your hosted site.  Follow these easy install directions and you'll find yourself on the way to developing the site to meet your internet needs.

Section 1: Setting Up Email Notifications in Softaculous
Softaculous allows you to setup or disable email notifications for any application that you install with the utility. The following tutorial explains the settings and how to find them.
Hits: 867
Section 2: Popular Program Login Information
The following article shows how to login to the administrator backend dashboard for several popular programs that you can load with Softaculous.
Hits: 465
Section 3: How to enable Auto Upgrade feature in Softaculous
Learn how to enable the auto upgrade feature for specific programs in Softaculous.
Hits: 759
Section 4: How to install programs using Softaculous
In this tutorial, we'll show you how to install a program using Softaculous.
Hits: 7,085
Section 5: How to uninstall programs using Softaculous
This tutorial shows how Softaculous can easily uninstall programs that were previously installed by Softaculous
Hits: 13,436
Section 6: How to manage software installed using Softaculous
Managing several different programs through Softaculous is easy to do with through the Scripts Installations page.
Hits: 1,527
Section 7: Backing up and Restoring your Website with Softaculous
In this tutorial, we'll show you how to generate and restore backups using Softaculous.
Hits: 2,497
Section 8: How to upgrade a program installed with Softaculous
Keeping your software up to date is very important, and in this tutorial we'll show you how to upgrade programs within Softaculous.
Hits: 1,464
Section 9: How to import programs into Softaculous
Softaculous includes an import feature, which you can use to help Softaculous find other software you've installed using other installers such as Fantastico.
Hits: 1,656
Section 10: Manually Synchronize Programs into Softaculous
Manually installed programs do not get detected by the install program called Softaculous. Programs not detected are not maintained by the version maintenance and backup options provided by Softaculous. The following article shows how to manually add programs into Softaculous for maintenance.
Hits: 1,410
Section 11: Programs you can install from Softaculous
There are a large number of programs that can be installed using Softaculous. The following article lists and classifies the software that is available.
Hits: 17,274

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