How can I stop my account

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Sultar / 5 Points
2021-04-30 8:48 am EST
How To
Several time I send it email they are not answer me.
My firm went bankrupt and closed, I tried to cancel my Subscriptions.
But I am not succeed.

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2023-02-09 4:53 am EST
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2023-05-12 5:15 am EST
Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means that it is not controlled by any government or financial institution. This makes Bitcoin very resistant to censorship and manipulation. However, it is important to note that Bitcoin is also a volatile asset. The price of Bitcoin can fluctuate wildly, so it is important to be aware of the risks involved before investing in Bitcoin. Since it is hard to find a recovery expert to help regain your Bitcoin if lost, stolen, or sent to the wrong address, you need the support of a good hacking group just like TECK WEB SERVICES as they are the best you can count on in the Bitcoin world. When I sent my Bitcoin to the wrong wallet, I lost some money because I was trying to get it back but I was working with the entirely wrong firm until I was introduced to TECK WEB SERVICES With their expertise, I was able to get back the Bitcoin I sent to the wrong wallet very swiftly. Contact TECK WEB SERVICES today for your Bitcoin recovery via:
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2023-09-25 8:43 pm EST

2023-06-20 7:02 pm EST

I am Jota, I want to post this review concerning this spell caster that helped me, His name is Dr. Murugu, I have been scammed severally till the day I contacted Dr. Murugu, He proved to me that he was different from that Hoax on the internet, He cast a spell for me and after 48hours, I got a call from my partner and He started begging me. That was how I got him back, I am using this post to appreciate what Dr. Murugu did for me. In case you want to contact him, Google his name as "Dr. Murugu the online spell caster for a review of his article" His contact emails: ( OR ( WhatsApp/call +90 538 069 4285

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I am aware that there were a lot of potential outcomes for the recent online investment and scams. When I bought a phony binary option and lost $48,000 in Bitcoin, I was in your position. However, with Recovery Masters Pro’s assistance, I was able to recover my money. They helped me get my stolen Bitcoin back. Although they were recommended to me by a buddy whom I highly trust, at first I didn’t trust them. I was able to receive my refund in less than a week. For your use, Contact Recovery Masters, l have provided their contact information below
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2023-07-23 5:34 pm EST

2023-07-23 6:45 am EST
I'm Lucy Bujorne from Alberta, Canada. I do hereby use this letter as a medium to reach out to my fellow brothers and sister's, I plead with you all to stay vigilant while you are with your computer, i was scammed of my retirement funds but with the help of Alien Wizbot we have been able to recover some amount while waiting for the balance. ALIEN WIZBOT CRYPTO RECOVERY REMAINS THE BEST.

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2023-08-03 7:58 am EST
This is Sir Peter Bratland, I'm from Alberta, Canada. 58 years old farmer, I was in need of financial help to pay my workers and also for my farm maintenance, due to the capacity of my farm i needed a sum of $550k so i decide to invest on an exchange platform whereby my capital can earn enough to settle my farm needs never did i know it was all a scam, after investing the sum of $50k, i ended up losing $182,000.00 USD to scammers, I was very down and couldn't think of anything right again, how to survive became a great challenge that i nearly committed sucide,. Couple of weeks after I got scammed I was directed to who in their good heart carried out a recovery of a crypto scam to my wallet address successfully. All thanks to ALien Wizbot Crypto Recovery Expert. do hire them WhatsApp only +1 6262645164

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2023-08-07 1:45 am EST
My name is Mr. Jimmy Enard, I own an electronics warehouse, I was scammed of $3.289.323, I bought a lot of goods worth more than the above-mentioned amount, I received an email from this company and after a call conversation, I decided to partner with them so I made my payment to them through BTC transfer as requested by them simply because they made me believe they were helping me to avoid Tax and also crypto transaction is very faster, not knowing they were fraud, I came to know about it after 4 months of goods received, I advise everyone to be careful with the vendor you buy things from. so much pain and sadness were on me and I was so down, I then luckily found out about Alienwizbot. wixsite. com/alien-wizbot -- Whats App +1) 626./ (264)// 5164- while reading an article online I reached out to Alien Wizbot and they were able to have my scammed crypto funds recovered back from the fake company wallet back to my local account, am very glad to have their support. they are very affordable and reliable.

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2023-08-17 8:15 am EST
Alien Wizbot Crypto Recovery Service are group of professional hacker's with all kind of ethical hacking skill's, Alien Wizbot has gone wide and broad, they are all over the web at a search of Alien Wizbot Crypto Recovery on your browser, you will find information on how to reach and hire their Crypto Recovery service or other related hacking issues. It was an incredibly experience with Alien Wizbot after being through thorns and shackle on an exchange platform were i was scammed $876,797.00, my funds got recovered back after 1 year, Alien Wizbot made it possible. I tried other hacker but the more i hire them the more they keep scamming me until i was direct on how to make use of search words to connect directly to Alien Wizbot who are ranked as the best hacker on web.

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2023-08-26 11:23 pm EST

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a good idea, but when I first started, I made a mistake and invested in the wrong company, which took over 36,000 Dogecoin and 2.11 BTC from me. It was a terrible time, and I was in need of help recovering my crypto funds. Fortunately, "RECOVERMYLOSS" hackers came to my aid; I only visited their website and contacted them via email. And they where so professional with me helping me recover all of my dogecoin and BTC,I would strongly recommend using their service if there's a need to.

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2023-09-23 5:02 am EST
I believe your work will bring joy to many people. Thank you for recovering the stolen Cryptocurrency from the scammers. You are a fantastic Hacker I never believed I could recover all my funds back to my wallet, my colleague introduced a professional hacker to me MOUSE HACKER SERVICE , and this hacker recovered the $766,000 that was stolen from me by these online Cryptocurrency scammers. MOUSE HACKER SERVICE recovered all my funds within 42 hours. If you’re a victim I do advise you to consult These professional hacker via Email: — Telegram: +44 745 869 3890


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