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adolfo8 / 8 Points
2013-07-08 7:39 am EST
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Hello all,

So this is very frustrating. Every time I try to upload an image using the website builder image gallery interface, it fails.

I've tried on multiple different connections and computers, and with the images on either local drives or USB drives. It always seems like it's working (it takes a long time and I do see my bandwidth used counts changing) but at the end it fails.

If I use the multiple image uploader, it will say

"Images uploaded: 0 of X
Images left: X
Cannot upload the remaining images: click 'Retry' to repeat the operation or click 'OK' to close the Multiple Image Upload window."

The single image uploader has similar results.

As you can imagine, this is VERY annoying & frustrating.

Please help! Even if I could upload the images via FTP that might be ok, if somebody knows the correct path. Ideally though, the feature that I'm paying for will work as expected.

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2013-07-08 10:28 pm EST
Hello adolfo8,

Thank you for your question. When you are having trouble uploading images, I first recommend making sure they are not extremely large(definitely less than 1MB, but I would recommend less than 100KB if possible). Smaller images will also cause your website to load more quickly.

We are happy to help, but will need more information, so we can replicate the problem, such as:
What type of browser are you using?
What version?

If you are using IE10, have you tried putting it in compatibility mode?

Have you tried a different browser?

Could you provide the full error message?

You cannot upload the images to the Builder using FTP, as it pushes them to the server when you publish in the Builder.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,


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Hello there John-Paul,

Thanks for your reply.

I didn't realize images had to be less than 1 MB. This is not ideal, as I'm building a site to show off some projects, and would like to show as much quality and detail as possible. Is it possible to workaround this issue?

As for the other information you requested, I've tried with Chrome 27.0.1453.116m as well as with Internet Explorer 7.

The message I typed in my original response is the full error message. I don't see a way to upload pictures to my message but if you provide me your email I can send you a screenshot of the error as well.
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2013-07-09 4:28 am EST
Hello adolfo8,

Images are not required to be less than 1MB, but many people will not wait for a file that size to download (since larger files take longer to load).

If the files you are uploading are extremely large, it may be easier to upload the images using FTP, then just link to them in the Builder.

As a test I uploaded a 1.26MB image file to the Builder successfully using Chrome: Version 27.0.1453.116 m

I also tested this successfully on Firefox 22.0, and on Internet Explorer 10 in compatibility mode. Internet Explorer 7 has known issues handling the scripts required for the Builder.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

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2013-07-09 6:13 pm EST
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