Firefox and IE browser compatibility issue with Flash CS5.5 Action Script 3.0 MP3 Player

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jholmes900 / 21 Points
2011-07-29 4:27 pm EST
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<p>Could this be an interface problem between my web host and Firefox? I created a MP3 Player in Flash CS5.5 using Action Script 3.0. It uses SharedObject to save the volume and stop/pause settings so the client will only have to set the volume/stop/pause once, not everytime a page is loaded/refreshed. I use SWFObject 2.0 to embed the player in my web page. I am not sure where the problem is located, but IE 9 and 8 work as I expect them to. Firefox does not. I have searched online for hours trying to find something and have not found anything at all. In Firefox, when I press pause, then play, the track shows it is reloading even though the song is already loaded. Also, I cannot press any of the buttons on the player until the load is finished (100%). If I do press them before it is 100% loaded, none of them work until I do a refresh. In IE9 and IE8, when I press pause and then play, the song starts where it left off. This is where webhostinghub enters the picture: When I am in CS5.5 and select Publish Preview;HTML... it brings up the player in Firefox and everything works. The problem appears to be stemming from the fact the player is continually reloaded on my Web Page. In the Publish Preview it comes up with the song loaded and does not reload on pause/play and stop/play. I created a testFlash.htm page on my web site and used the same code that is used on the Publish Preview. It does not work.</p>
<p>** Update **</p>
<p>The URL is <a href="" target="_new"></a> and the player is on the home page (index.htm). How do I load the player from my desktop to a browser? Isn't this the same as when I used CS5.5;Publish Preview;HTML?</p>

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2011-07-29 5:05 pm EST
Hi jholmes900!

Generally if you have a page that is working in one browser but not another, such as Internet Explorer but not Firefox, it is a browser compatibility issue and not a server side issue.

If it was a server side issue, it shouldn't work in either browser.

You can also rule out that this is a server side problem by putting all of the files on your desktop (taking the web server out of the picture) and then loading in IE and Firefox. If you get the same issue occurring, then it is definitely a browser compatibility issue.

Can you edit your question and supply us with a link to the URL so that we can replicate the problem?

I hope this helps!


- Brad

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2011-07-31 6:23 am EST
Hi jholmes900.

I was able to replicate the problem. The player worked great in Internet Explorer, but did not respond well in Firefox.

Regarding saving the page to your desktop and then testing, in most browsers you can "File" -> "Save Page As" and save the page to your computer. I tried doing this, however the player never loaded from my desktop. I noticed that you posted this question other places online and mentioned that you saved it to your desktop and got it to work, is this the method that you used?

I don't have any previous experience with actionscript, but after much searching and reading, I did comb over a few posts in which users noticed that actionscript sometimes did not function the same in all browsers.

What I don't understand is how this plays just fine in Firefox when loaded from your desktop, but doesn't play fine when loaded from online.

My best guess is that this may be a security related issue. For example, Firefox may trust the content when it is being loaded from your desktop, however it may block certain content when loaded from elsewhere.

The following link talks about a firefox and actionscript issues, which leads me to believe it may be a security related issue:
Thread: Firefox blocking URLRequest

This page on adobe talks about the issue as well, only in an opposite manner (but again, a security related issue):
Global security settings for content creators

I hope this points you in the right direction. Let me know if you have any further questions, or if I can help test somehow.


- Brad

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