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jholmes900 / 21 Points
2012-10-24 5:56 am EST
Website Troubleshooting
I see many others reporting the same problem, but the solution that keeps getting propagated DOES NOT WORK. When I click on the link provided,to go to the Google site, an error is returned saying OOPS! I need an answer about the phishing e-mail from Google. I looked on my site and found nothing. I am afraid these e-mails are phishing e-mails themselves. I submitted a question yesterday, but it disappeared. I guess you thought it was a duplicate. It is, but the question still needs a good answer.... one that works. Following is the e-mail I received.
Dear site owner or webmaster of,
We recently discovered that some pages on your site look like a possible phishing attack, in which users are encouraged to give up sensitive information such as login credentials or banking information. We have removed the suspicious URLs from search results and have begun showing a warning page to users who visit these URLs in certain browsers that receive anti-phishing data from Google.
Below are one or more example URLs on your site which may be part of a phishing attack:
http://www.aticketfortravel .com/~chinal6/css/aipal/secure-code2/home/1a59a89cfb44d40d20ae642b7e4f25ed/
Here is a link to a sample warning page:
We strongly encourage you to investigate this immediately to protect users who are being directed to a suspected phishing attack being hosted on your web site. Although some sites intentionally host such attacks, in many cases the webmaster is unaware because:
1) the site was compromised
2) the site doesn't monitor for malicious user-contributed content
If your site was compromised, it's important to not only remove the content involved in the phishing attack, but to also identify and fix the vulnerability that enabled such content to be placed on your site. We suggest contacting your hosting provider if you are unsure of how to proceed.
Once you've secured your site, and removed the content involved in the suspected phishing attack, or if you believe we have made an error and this is not actually a phishing attack, you can request that the warning be removed by visiting
and reporting an "incorrect forgery alert." We will review this request and take the appropriate actions.
Google Search Quality Team
Note: if you have an account in Google's Webmaster Tools, you can verify the authenticity of this message by logging into and going to the Message Center, where a warning will appear shortly.

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2012-10-24 9:07 am EST
Hello jholmes900,

Google is confusing your site with another site in your shared server environment. This issue has been addressed by our systems team already. The actual account that was affected has been quarantined and cleaned up.

Sorry for any confusion, your original question was not deleted but does not show if it shares the same title as a previous question.

For more info and to get rid of the warning follow these links. I have tested them successfully:

Google Phishing info

Google Phishing Warning Removal

The actual problem is NOT on your account - I reviewed your account and made sure. The account in question has been addressed by our Systems team. Please go through the removal process for the warning using the link above.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.
Thank you,


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