my webpage is down(

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mlankenau / 20 Points
2013-05-29 4:57 pm EST
hi, since yesterday my webpage, has been down, I havent received email, and cant acces cp panel, anything..

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2013-05-29 5:19 pm EST
Hello mlankenau!

Sorry for the trouble with the your website. I am able to access the site from my location. The website still shows Under Construction. Its possible you may have either a Network connection problem or you IP address is blocked. Please run a ping and traceroute and give us your IP address and we can check your connection. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
James R

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I get connection time out.. 4 packets sent.. 0 received...

my ip address is

I cant reach the site from my cell phone either, not connected to my wifi

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2013-05-29 5:36 pm EST
Thank you for your response. I checked your IP address and it is not blocked on the server. The Ping and Trace results you showed is missing the traceroute; however, from what you showed in the Ping, it appears your local connection is not allowing you to access. If you could run the traceroute we could give you a better solution.

James R
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2013-05-29 6:18 pm EST
if I do a tracerout from cmd on my computer, I get 30 timeouts.

if I do it thru a webpage I get, this..


Enter the desired destination host.domain or IP address:
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 10.82 ms 5.591 ms 1.07 ms
2 ( 0.629 ms 0.596 ms 0.918 ms
3 ( 1.244 ms 1.479 ms 1.112 ms
4 ( 154.014 ms 153.529 ms 153.672 ms
5 ( 130.38 ms ( 154.116 ms ( 130.596 ms
6 ( 155.171 ms 154.02 ms 153.636 ms
7 ( 131.17 ms 131.973 ms 131.481 ms
8 ( 132.837 ms 132.575 ms 132.661 ms
9 ( 132.524 ms 132.233 ms 132.471 ms
10 ( 132.984 ms 132.262 ms 132.541 ms
11 ( 132.464 ms 132.357 ms 132.351 ms
12 ( 132.719 ms 133.7 ms 132.382 ms
13 ( 135.584 ms 134.18 ms 132.506 ms

The traceroute CGI source can be found via:
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2013-05-29 8:39 pm EST
Thank you for the traceroute. The one you provided is a good connection. The connection with the timeouts shows that your local network where you are connecting from is not allowing access to your site.

This is very common for Schools, government buildings, and Office workplaces. These locations typically have the network on lockdown. If you would, please try connecting from a different location. If you connection works elsewhere, you will need to contact the administrator of the network that does not allow the connection to whitelist your domain or fix the domain connection at the local area network. Sorry for the trouble.
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2013-05-29 8:50 pm EST
dont know why this is happening, but i downloaded a program..(safeip its called) it changes my ip number.. now I am using an ip from USA. i can get into my webpage, into my cPanel, my outlook connects.. etc.. so it has to do with my ip in mexico.. but I get the same problem from my hispeed cable internet connection, and my cell phone over 3g data can not connect also to my webpage, mail, etc..

any ideas ? thanks
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2013-05-30 5:11 pm EST
Sorry for all the trouble with your connection. We really need the traceroute with the timeouts so we can determine where exactly the timeout occurs. We cannot traceroute to the IP you provided and we need the traceroute from your end. We cannot tell if its the ISP, your local router, or our server network. If you want to move to a different server we can do that. Otherwise we really do need the traceroute that times out. Sorry for this.

Best Regards,
James R
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2013-05-30 5:27 pm EST
Sorry for the back and forth on this. I was actually able to get with a Systems Admin on this. We looked deeper and found that the server IP on the server you are on is not playing well with the Mexican IP's. We can move you to a different server or you can get a dedicated IP address to fix this. Sorry for the trouble.

Best regards,
James R
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2013-05-30 5:48 pm EST
dont worry about it.. thanks for your help.. !
if we could try changing the server.. Is there anything I need to do ???

you guys have been great thanks
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2013-05-30 5:52 pm EST
my outlook erased my new info, if you could please send me the secure server that I am using, and also when i log into AMP I go to details, and I still have the old ip and secureserver on my domain.. anyway to change this ? i cant access my cPanel because the link still sends me to the old secureserver..

thanks again
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2013-05-31 1:59 am EST
Hello again!

You can use the following settings.

Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:
Username: Your full e-mail address
Password: Your e-mail account password
Incoming Port: POP3 110 or IMAP 143
Outgoing Mail server (SMTP) Port: 587
SMTP Authentication Required
Secure Authentication or SPA needs to be turned off

We are actually looking further into the server IP problem. We set you up with a dedicated IP in the meantime so you can use your domain for the email settings. For more information on this please see the following article.

Where do I find my email settings?

Best Regards,
James R
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2013-05-31 4:51 pm EST
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