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CDSherlock / 130 Points
2013-12-24 8:15 pm EST
I am an administrator of the website We are using Wordpress 3.8 on the site. Recently, I went into the admin end of the site to update the page located at After the edit, I saved the changes and went to the front end to see if the changes I made were there. However, what I saw was a version of the page that existed before I made the changes. I submitted a question to about this problem and their recommended actions included:

Clear the browser cache--Tried this, but it didn't fix the problem.
Try viewing the page on a different browser--Tried this, but it didn't fix the problem.

Two other suggestions gave were to "clear server cache/CDN" and "see if the web hosting site has auto caching set up." I am not sure how to do the former and I figured I needed to check with Web Hosting Hub about the status of the latter. Wordpress also suggested that one or more plugins on might have caching built in and that this might be an issue with the page update. The installed plugins on the site that are activated are as follows: CalPress Calendar, Nice PayPal Button, Resize images before upload, Visual Form Builder, and WP Hit Counter Plugin. Additionally, the following installed plugins are currently deactivated: Akismet, All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely, Hello Dolly, and The Events Calendar. I am getting a message on the plugin page of the admin section saying there is an available update for The Events Calendar. However, although I was originally using The Events Calendar for the site's calendar needs, I switched to CalPress Calendar because the site's events calendar disappeared completely after a previous update of The Events Calendar.

I'd welcome any help in resolving the page update issue. Thanks!

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2013-12-24 8:45 pm EST
Hello CDSherlock,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble seeing the update. We do not cache the website in a manner that would affect how you would see your updates. If we did this, then it would be a possible issue to the thousands of websites that we host normally. Updates that you make can be possibly cached at your Internet provider, or within your network or computer. Make sure that you're following the directions in clearing your browser cache. You may also need to contact your internet provider if you're unable to see the updates. Make sure that you check on a different computer or internet browser as well.

I hope this helps to clear up the problem. If you continue to have the problem, it would help if you can provide us information on the exact update so that we can look at the website to see if anything has actually changed.

Arnel C.

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Thank you for your response, Arnel! It occurred to me that there might have been a possibility the revised page wasn't on the front page menu. I checked and that was, indeed the case, so I added the revised page to the front page menu and moved it to its appropriate location after removing the original page from the front page menu.
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2013-12-24 10:35 pm EST
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