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TheTrews / 118 Points
2014-07-08 6:41 pm EST
so i enter "post edit", i find the tags section on the right hand side. My question is this, should i enter keyword phrases like "russell brand" for example with the " " or does wordpress account for the " " automatically? I also use the "SEO all in one" plugin, should i be filling this section of my post too? > and should i be using "" for keyword phrases?

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2014-07-08 6:53 pm EST
Hello TheTrews, and thanks for the great question!

When you are editing the Tags of a WordPress post, this is how WordPress itself and other plugins can separate and organize your content. You don't want to focus on SEO keywords in this section. Using an SEO plugin you can enter in keywords, but take note this is not what search engines look at as often anymore.

Most search engines nowadays like Google don't care too much about entering in META keywords like they use to. I've found you're generally better off trying to have your keyword organically placed in your content, especially the title of your post. This is especially true on Google because they will dynamically grab the 3rd paragraph in your post and show that in results if that's more relevant to what their user typed in then you META description or first couple sentences.

For instance if you're trying to rank #1 for the keyword phrase Blue shiny things. You would probably want your content structured somewhat like this:

Title Using blue shiny things on your website
Body Today we're going to talk about how you can use blue shiny things on your website to help draw attention to specific words.

The first step in adding blue shiny things to your website is downloading the blue shiny things plugin from the place you download it at.

Then you'd want to have other posts on your site that link off to that main post naturally using a variant of the keywords you want to rank for. So on a page talking about red shiny things you might say something like:

Body Now that you know about red shiny things, you also might be interested in learning about blue things.

In this case you aren't using the exact keyword you're targeting but a variant of it. When you build up a big list of keyword variants from multiple locations on the web all linking back to your blue shiny things post, you'll get a bump in the search engine results. You'll also have the benefit of possibly ranking for words you weren't expecting to rank for, such as just blue things.

Hope that helps, please let us know if you had any further questions at all.

- Jacob

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Thank you for your quick reply. This is useful information. So your saying the section that wordpress provides for tags in "edit post" should be completely ignored and i should just focus on filling out the sections provided in my "SEO all in one" plugin? is that correct?

So when i filling the tags section in the "SEO all in one" plugin should i be using "" for my keyword phrases e.g "russell brand", "russell brand 2014" etc

if that is correct how many tags is too many? should i stick below 10?
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2014-07-08 7:05 pm EST
Hello TheTrews,

The SEO all-in-one, is providing the information that would be used by the search engine. The TAGS, are used internally by WordPress's software to help provide a quick way for your readers to find content while directly looking at your website. So, it's really up to you. If you want to use the TAGS feature provided by WordPress, then make sure to take the time to fill in a tag for your post or page. Check out our article the Difference between Categories and Tags. It helps to explain how this optioin is used. I did double-check myself with the my test WordPress install with the plugin to see if a tag was put in when I added keywords to a post, and I did not see anything.

Hope that helps!

Arnel C.
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2014-07-08 8:28 pm EST
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