After moving WordPress from one location to another, it's not uncommon for internal links and/or images to be broken.


While updating the Site URL makes it possible for your site to be moved, it doesn't update internal links or paths to images. The good news is, it is a fairly easy process to update these links.

  1. Begin by logging into your WordPress dashboard.

  2. Do a search for and install this plugin:

    Velvet Blues Update URLs

  3. Activate the plugin and open the Update URLs settings screen.

  4. update-urls-settings

  5. Enter the previous and current URLs for your WordPress installation.

  6. It's important that the URLs be entered to match the Site URL. For instance, if you included www in your site URL, be sure to include that where appropriate for your Old and New URL.

    Old URL: Where WordPress was installed before the move

    New URL: Where WordPress is currently installed

  7. Under Step 2 select which types of URLs should be updated. For most users, this should be all except the last option "Update ALL GUIDs."

  8. Click the Update URLs NOW button to update your site's URLs

  9. update-urls

  10. You should receive a notification that URLs have been updated, similar to this:

  11. urls-updated

  12. Visiting your site should also show that images and links are no longer broken. If necessary, refresh your page or clear your browser cache to view the changes:

  13. wordpress-image-path-updated
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n/a Points
2018-06-28 5:07 am

Hi, great post, but I have one question.


Let's say you have 300 posts on your website and each one of them has internal linking. Do I have to manually add each post to Velvet Blues or there is a faster way to update all the internal links after a permalink change.




17,314 Points
2018-06-28 8:44 pm
Hello Elvis,

When you change the domain that all the posts are attached to, then as long as that same directory structure exists under the new domain it should be okay. You shouldn't have to update all of the links when you move to the new domain name. The 301 redirect should be created by the plugin. If not, then you may need to make changes in the .htaccess file to account for the different paths that needed to be re-directed.

n/a Points
2018-08-07 5:22 pm

Will this work with complex url's like to


1,348 Points
2018-08-07 6:39 pm
It's meant to work with virtually any URL structure, but I'd advise trying it first in a test environment or local install. Otherwise, consider contacting the plugin developers.
n/a Points
2018-12-05 6:52 pm

When building a site on a temporary URL, i.e. http://IP~username, and then using this plugin to update to the actual domain, my images are vanishing on the front-end.  I have to go back and add them all again to the front-end.  Is there a way around this?

17,314 Points
2018-12-06 11:41 am
Hello Eric,

If you're moving the a WordPress site, at some point you will need to move the content files to the new location. You should be doing this first, then running this plugin to update the URLs in the new location.
n/a Points
2018-12-10 5:05 pm

Thanks for the reply!  I'm actually not moving the WordPress site, though.  I'm building the site on a temporary URL so the client can preview it before shutting down their current site.  When I launch, I switch the URL to the actual domain, but all the images are still tied to the temporary URL.  That's what I was hoping the plugin would do, switch the image URLs to the actual domain.  But when I do so, the pictures disappear from the frontend.  Hope that clarifies my issue.

619 Points
2018-12-11 12:16 am
The images typically do not appear if you change the URL because they are using the previous URL as a reference. You should try using this plugin as outlined in this guide above, otherwise try following JT's suggestion in the comment above. If those options don't work for you then it may require you to upload and configure the images manually, unfortunately.

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