Section 1: What is WordPress?
We'll begin our Wordpress 101 course with a general introduction of Wordpress and what exactly it is.
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Section 2: What can I Build with WordPress?
WordPress is well known for its blogging capabilities, but you can also build a site to show your photography, promote your business, review products, and much more.
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Section 3: Installing WordPress from your cPanel via Softaculous
Now that you have decided you want to use WordPress on your site, it can be easily installed on your domain in only a few clicks using Softaculous.
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Section 4:
Installing WordPress using Softaculous
Wordpress is an open source content management system. Learn to install it using the Softaculous tool in cPanel.
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Section 5: Explaining the WordPress Site Structure
If this is your first WordPress website, to help understand the terminology that WordPress uses we have broken down the structure of a WordPress template.
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Section 6: Logging into your WordPress Dashboard
After installing WordPress, you can log into your WordPress admin page to begin creating your website.
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Section 7: How to Write a WordPress Blog Post
Creating posts for your WordPress site will add content to your website. A post can be easily made within your WordPress Admin and will be published automatically.
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Section 8: How to Create a WordPress Page
To create content outside of the normal blog Posts, you can create a Page in WordPress. Creating a Page will create a link in your site navigation and provides a great place for contact details or information about yourself or business.
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Section 9: How to Configure your Home Page in WordPress
Once you have made a few posts and set up your pages, you can also configure the look of your home page. You have control of how many posts show on each page, what displays first, and more.
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Section 10: Uploading Media in WordPress 4.x
WordPress has made the process of uploading media into a simple task. You can use Microsoft's Windows interface or Apple's OSX interface to quickly move/upload files onto the webs server through WordPress. Check out this tutorial for a quick and easy to understand guide for this process.
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Section 11: How to Install WordPress on an Addon Domain
In this guide, you can learn how to install WordPress on an Addon domain.
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Section 12: Installing WordPress on your Temporary URL
If you want to start working on your WordPress site before your domain is pointed to Web Hosting Hub, you can install WordPress on your temporary URL.
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Section 13: How to Install Wordpress Manually
Wordpress can be loaded using either an application installer or by setting it up manually through the web server and database server interfaces to which you have access. The following article explains the manual process to install Wordpress.
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Section 14: Manually Uninstalling Wordpress
Wordpress is one of the most popular applications used to build websites on the internet, but occasionally it will need to be uninstalled. The following article takes you the manual process of uninstalling Wordpress.
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