The following list of articles provides information for getting started with BoldGrid.
Section 1: How to install BoldGrid via Softaculous
Use the Softaculous Installer to install BoldGrid onto your account.
Hits: 1,764
Section 2: How to Find Your BoldGrid Connect Key
Learn how to locate your BoldGrid connect key within your Account Management Panel.
Hits: 1,875
Section 3: How to Manually Install Boldgrid
Learn how to manually install BoldGrid into an existing WordPress installation.
Hits: 2,737
Section 4: How to Remove Pages in BoldGrid
If you need to remove pages in BoldGrid, it can be quickly and easily be done in the Pages section. Follow the directions to learn how to delete a single page or a multiple pages from BoldGrid websites.
Hits: 342
Section 5: How to Install an Inspiration
Inspriations are prebuilt websites that have been built with a specific theme. You can install inspriations and then customize them based on your website building needs
Hits: 636
Section 6: How to Log into your BoldGrid Site
This article guides you through how to login to the BoldGrid Dashboard.
Hits: 1,886
Section 7: What are Inspirations?
First time users to BoldGrid will want know about using Inspirations. This article describes Inspirations and how they are used to build websites within BoldGrid.
Hits: 452
Section 8: Steps for New BoldGrid Website Builders
New website builders can use this guide to help them step through building a website with BoldGrid
Hits: 830
Section 9: Using BoldGrid Staging
BoldGrid provides a powerful feature called Staging so that you can develop a separate website while keeping another active and visible to website viewers.
Hits: 600
Section 10: Understanding Active and Staging Sites
BoldGrid uses two locations to save websites called Active and Staging. The following article explains how each option is used within BoldGrid
Hits: 366
Section 11: How to Change Themes in BoldGrid
Using BoldGrid's Inspirations you can install a complete website theme with general content. If you'd like to keep your content but change just your theme, BoldGrid allows you the ability to do this. In this guide are the steps to change BoldGrid themes for your active and staging sites.
Hits: 552
Section 12: Using the Customizer in BoldGrid
BoldGrid uses the Customizer for changing website pages. This tutorial describes the options available within the Customizer.
Hits: 441
Section 13: How to Add Pages in BoldGrid
In this guide, you will learn how to add new blank pages and how to add new Block Set pages to your existing BoldGrid Inspiration website.
Hits: 307
Section 14: How to Change the Footer in BoldGrid
BoldGrid Inspirations are complete websites that include demonstrative data in the footer. The following article shows you how to change the footer settings and information.
Hits: 980
Section 15: How to Edit Pages in BoldGrid
The following article explains how to make changes to the elements, rows, and columns on your page, using the pages editor in BoldGrid.
Hits: 469

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