Section 1: Is the Builder right for you?
This article discusses the Builder and your expectations for using it to build your website. It provides a short assessment to judge if the Builder can meet your needs for building your website.
Hits: 4,937
Section 2: How to Install the Premium Website Builder on your Website
Before you can start using the Premium Website Builder, the software will need to be installed for your account.
Hits: 14,878
Section 3: How to create a brochure website
You can use Wordpress to create a brochure website. The following tutorial explains how to create a quick and easy static website using only a the most basic of WordPress features.
Hits: 4,743
Section 4: Creating a Blog for the first time
This guide takes you through the basic steps to build a blog using WordPress.
Hits: 3,647
Section 5: How to build an e-commerce website
Ecommerce websites are very common website used to sell products and services on the internet. The following tutorial walks you through the basic steps of setting up an ecommerce website using PrestaShop 1.5.
Hits: 1,717
Section 6: Choose the Type of Site you are Creating
The first step is to choose the type of website that you want to build. You can create a normal website, a blog, or a photo gallery.
Hits: 5,955
Section 7: Choose a Template for your Website
Once you have chosen the type of site you want to have, you can choose the template design for your website.
Hits: 9,097
Section 8: Build your Website Structure
Now that you have set the design for your Website, you can choose what pages you want to have on your new site.
Hits: 4,763
Section 9: Add Content to your Website
After finishing your structure you can begin adding your content. This is where you will add content to make your website unique and to attractive visitors to your site.
Hits: 4,602
Section 10: Publish your Website
Now that you've added content to your site, let's publish your new website and see how it looks!
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