The Plesk Premium Web Builder is a competent website building product that you can use to build a site if you have no coding knowledge and you're simply trying to build a quick site with little need for a lot customization or control of the blog, ecommerce, or gallery features that it provides. You're always welcome to try the Builder by going to Premium Web Builder launcher and NOT logging in. Simply click on the number steps in the page and you can try it out without registering. The Builder may have a slightly different workflow, but once you get used to it, you'll find that you can quickly create a variety of different websites with relative ease.

Understanding your expectations for the website building tool

If you are unsure that the Builder is the right program for you, then go through the following questionnaire and hopefully we can clarify if you need the Builder:

How do you rate your knowledge in building websites?

  1. Novice
  2. Some experience, but you know what you want in your website
  3. Experienced - you've built websites before
  4. Pro - you can build websites for a living
  • 1: If you're anything but a novice, then the Builder program may not be for you. The Builder is ideal for a beginner with no coding experience and no desire to work on modifying existing interfaces, templates or themes. It's great for a good basic website.
  • 2-4: If you have some experience, you're very experienced, or you build websites for a living, then you may need to look at a different website building tool

Do you have a specific purpose in mind for your website? For example, are you specifically building a blog or ecommerce site?

  1. I don't have a specific purpose, I'm just trying to build a simple site.
  2. I may want to include the basic features of a blog or ecommerce site.
  3. I want to build a blog where I can post my opinions with media such as images, audio, and video.
  4. I plan to build an online store that will grow to sell hundreds or thousands of products and have many customers.
  • 1-2: If you're building a basic site or you're just experimenting with a blog or ecommerce site and just want the basic features, then you may consider the Builder as a solution.
  • 3-4: If you're looking to build a blog where you will be busy updating posts and interacting with people, then there are far better, and FREE solutions available to you. This goes the same for ecommerce. The Builder has some basic ecommerce functions, but trying to include more complex features such as custom shipping, taxation, or product organization methods will not be available to you. Again, there are many competent, and free options that you can consider.

Do you need to have complete control of all elements of the web building process so that you can customize where you need it?

  1. I'm fine with being able to be able manipulate a few images on my website and use the provided color and template options in the Builder. I don't need full control of the theme used for the website
  2. I like to play around with the settings so that I can change formatting occasionally.
  3. I want full control so that I can change all aspects of the website appearnce and functionality.
  • 1: The Builder allows you to add images, scripts/modules, built-in functions and choose theme options for color and format provided in each template. If you are okay with these options and you have only a few aspirations to control the appearance of your website beyond the provided formatting, then the Builder may be a good fit for you.
  • 2-3: If you're looking for a good amount or complete control, then you should definitely seek a different solution to build your website.
  • Summary

    Hopefully, this helps to identify your expectations in the web building process. If you're finding that most of your answers were #1, then you may find that the Plesk Premium Web Builder is a solution you can consider. If you have a more defined purpose, you're experienced in building websites and you desire control, then you should seek a better solution for building your website. Check out our How to Build a New Website tutorials and especially the Software used to build a website. The Builder is a capable solution for building a website, but it's not for everyone and we want to make sure that you're not cornered into a solution that we suggest - especially when it may not suit your needs.

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n/a Points
2015-06-15 4:00 am

I have built a wevsite in the past, but it was not very organized as to how I did it.  I would like to build one from scratch, but I am not sure about an organized way.  I was thinking of starting from scratch.  I am a member of  I have a domain name.  Please send me some thoughts on this.

16,266 Points
2015-06-15 10:08 pm
Hello Richie,

If you are not a developer we recommend either the builder or a simple content management system like WordPress. We have many articles on both right here in the support center.

Kindest Regards
Scott M
n/a Points
2016-01-02 9:38 pm

Is the software serif webplusx4 still good?

I want to build a website to sell inexspensive math information as a pdf.

I would like to use pay pal to receive money.

Is the free hosting in the software still good?

If you have this information please I would like to hear from you.

Thank you for your time --Paul Jones

1,348 Points
2016-01-04 11:18 pm
Hello Paul,

With regard to WebPlus being "still good", it depends upon the kind of site you want build. Most web builder software supports a store either through its core configuration or through a plugin.

I advise you contact the Serif community with any specific questions about their software or their current offerings.

If their software exports your site as HTML or PHP, etc. then we can certainly host it with one of our popular hosting packages.

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