Temporary East Coast and West Coast Connectivity Issues- Update (11:30 AM EDT)

The East Coast network connectivity issues have been resolved. Last night there was also a West Coast outage.  This was addressed by management and action has been taken to prevent this from repeating.  We sincerely apologize for the disruption in service and we are doing our best to make sure it does not happen again.    If you are still having issues connecting please contact technical support immediately.  For clarification, LIVE technical support is available via phone, email or chat 24 hours a day 7 days a week:

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Telephone: 877-595-4482 x2
Intl: 757-416-6627 x2
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2012-08-01 1:31 am
3:34 PM Pacific Time (6:34 PM Eastern) My sites are still timing out. I cannot connect. I am located on the WEST COAST (Los Angeles area). Your tech support lines have a busy signal and your tech support chat is offline. Please provide more info!
2012-08-01 1:35 am
Same as the user above. My domains are still down and it's 6:34pm ET on 7/31/12.

2012-08-01 1:36 am
you are not the only one, our site is also down, no clue who's issues were resolved but certainly not ours.
2012-08-01 1:39 am
Hi, it's 6:38pm EST and I am still having connectivity issues, won't connect at all. Please send info as to eta when this is resolved. Thank you.
2012-08-01 1:55 am
Come on lets get this taken care of already
2012-08-01 1:55 am
Same here, still down.
2012-08-01 2:10 am
Any update on connectivity? My domain is still down!
2012-08-01 2:15 am
I am in Washington State (WEST COAST) and my website is offline. HELP!
2012-08-01 2:17 am
My users have been getting error messages for 2 days, and now it's completely down. Customer service claims that the East coast issues have been resolved, but they're having issues with the West Coast. I'm in the East coast and my site is still down. The issue is apparently widespread and NOT resolved. No timeframe for a fix.
2012-08-01 2:17 am
Same here, all my websites are down. Really annoying, let's get this fixed Webhostinghub.
2012-08-01 2:24 am
end of the month, trying to close a few more deals... grrrrr
2012-08-01 2:55 am
My site is down at 5:54 MDT and has been since at least 5:08 MDT. No access via web or FTP. This is killing my business!
2012-08-01 3:05 am
2012-08-01 3:07 am
Hello, I'm here in Oregon (West Coast as well) at 5:07PM PDT and my site, email and ftp are down...
2012-08-01 3:23 am
Gain some perspective. Everyone has lost their website. How many people will be trying to call? Kill your business? First time its been down for me in two years. You would have power outages more often than that.

I'm in Australia and have woken up to to this issue. Either it is not fixed or something else is affecting me.
2012-08-01 3:30 am
I am on the west coast of the United States and this is the third time my site has been down in the last 3 months! Advertisers leave and ask for refunds when their ads are not displayed as agreed and it is hard to get them back. If they cannot handle the call volume they should at a minimum send emails to inform their customers. This unacceptable, but maybe your sites don't need to be running, maybe you can just throw your money away...
2012-08-01 3:40 am
First PayPal issues now this, how the hell does anyone do business this way.
2012-08-01 3:46 am
My site is still down as of 8:45 eastern time.
2012-08-01 3:57 am
it's back for me now, wish the rest of you good luck [i](he said rushing to backup mySQL db and ftp files whilst looking for a different hosting solution)[/i] :sigh:
<strong>LE:</strong> Spoke to soon, it's down again. :-?
2012-08-01 4:44 am
Still down as of 7:45 MST.


All down. Please provide ETRO. Thank you
2012-08-01 4:45 am
Everything is down for me. I really don't need this guys. No contact from Web Hosting Hub, but then how would I know? I can't access my email.

Nobody answering phones, no tech support online. Makes me very nervous. Please update your site Web Hosting Hub to let us know what's happening!
2012-08-01 4:52 am
everything is still down for me, and my e-shop is completely gone!!!!!!! I'm new here but this is not needed at all. I guess I should have gone with Go-Daddy and spent a few more bucks.
2012-08-01 5:00 am
It's now 7PM Los Angeles time. Sites are still down and no news other than it's a problem "out of their control." What does that mean? How about a little insight as to who is doing what to resolve this? Rather disappointing.
2012-08-01 5:00 am
As 10PM eastern time i am still down. Website, email everything is down.
2012-08-01 5:04 am
Wonders if they have gone out of business?
2012-08-01 5:12 am
3 hours now. This is totally egregious. Have you not heard of failover? This is going to cost me money directly. What do you want me to tell my accounts? Gee, I'm sorry. I can't pay this month's bill because my web host was down. I'm sure they'll let me slide. NOT. You understand the word "actionable". Right?
2012-08-01 5:16 am
Hey what has happened to the "We are here 24-7 to help you with anything"? How about just filling us in on what is happening would be a great start. No news since 430pm eastern.
16,266 Points
2012-08-01 6:05 pm
Hello Everyone,

This is Scott with WebHostingHub. There was indeed a West Coast Datacenter connection issue last night at roughly 5:00pm EDT. This is confirmed to have been unscheduled maintenance by one of our upline providers.

The East Coast issue was a hardware issue that was resolved after manually rerouting the system. Our Systems team is working to implement a failsafe to prevent such an issue from recurring.

We definitely want everyone to have as much uptime as possible, and our support department is always available 24 hours. Any time a large number of customers are affected there can be thousands of calls coming in at once, so there will be delays getting through with phones. Emails are, of course, answered as quickly as possible as well. Also, for the duration of the outage, we could not connect to the server to update the website as well as our chat systems.

We do sincerely apologize for any downtime experienced and are working as a company to ensure this issue does not recur.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Outages beyond our control are just as frustrating for us, but we sincerely appreciate everyone for sticking with us through the incidents.

Best Regards,
Scott M

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