Limit on Database Tables or Files?

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BobTucker / 5 Points
2014-01-17 12:54 am EST
I currently have Hostmonster. I was satisfied with them until I got a notice that I had exceeded my db tables limit of 975 and I was approaching my file limit. I contacted them and found that unlimited didn't really mean unlimited. It appears that they like you don't tell what is limited. I read you acceptance policy but didn't see any limits in it. I guess I want to know, what are the limits for db tables and files? I also want to know what are any other limits that I don't know about?

I use Concrete 5 and as you know everytime I do an install it creates like 175 tables in the db. I initially messed up not knowing this by creating sub domains for my various interests with a C5 install for each one. I also have 3 domains and maybe another one soon. So, what problems would I have with your host?

I also see that you offer 3 levels of hosting. However, I couldn't find the prices for those and again the limits for each level.


Bob Tucker

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2014-01-17 2:24 am EST
Hello Bob,

Thanks for the question. We don't really declare a limit that's stated in specific numbers like you're seeing with HostMonster. The issue will be the impact that your database has on the server resources. Resource usage is capped based on the plan that you're on. The problem is that there's no solid number I can give you based on the database size as to the effect you're going to have on the server. So, it's difficult to say, "###" value is the limit. For example, you could have 300 tables on the database server and they may have minimal effect on the server traffic which in turn uses very little of the server's resources (primarily CPU, memory, hard drive space, bandwidth). However, you could have another database with 150 tables and it's being hammered by large queries and heavy traffic that affect resources more than the 300 tables of your other database. The limiting metric used has more to do with how your website affects the web server overall. To this effect, there is a tool given with your Web Hosting Hub account that monitors your resource usage. This tool will monitor how much resource usage is used and tell you if you're exceeding the defined limits for each account type on Web Hosting Hub. Click here for more information on the term "unlimited".

So, our apologies that we can't give you a clearly defined number for a limit of some nature, but it's difficult because it's intimately defined with the resource usage of your website which is affected by many factors. I hope this helps to answer your question. We won't limit based on table numbers, so please consider us as a solution for your web hosting needs!

Arnel C.

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Arnel, is there no way you can tell us how to find out the 'benchmark'or 'threshold' point?

Suppose after uploading a 2TB database if you declare that the db is causing trouble then imagine what's gonna happen to the project?
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2014-08-04 1:31 pm EST
A 2TB database would be way too large to host. We don't have a hard limit to the number of tables that you have, but it does greatly depend on how you use it. For example, if you are selecting the entire database with a very large number of tables, it can run into issues but if you have a large database that is selecting specific data from it, it wouldn't be a problem.

If you are running a 2TB database, you will definitely need a dedicated hosting solution.
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2014-08-04 6:21 pm EST
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