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perigono / 25 Points
2013-08-07 12:09 pm EST
I have installed Joomla 3.1.5 twice for and I keep getting an error when I try to get the administrator page or when I log in on the front page:
Fatal error: Call to a member function set() on a non-object in /home/latinf6/public_html/administrator/components/com_login/controller.php on line 38
Could you help me, please?

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2013-08-07 1:26 pm EST
Hello Perigono,

Sorry you're getting an error when trying to login to your Joomla site. I spent some time looking at the error message and for examples of it online. The only thing I could find about it was that it might related to a plugin. What version are you running? I typically look for the versions file in the includes folder, but your installation curiously doesn't have one. Can you provide more information on your installation version? And do you have any plugins or templates/themes loaded? Are you doing a transfer or were you installing it fresh?

I looked for errors on the web server and found nothing, This is not related to the error on the screen, but errors that would get logged on the web server. It must be related to something in the Joomla installation if the server is not generating any recorded errors. i suggest that you strip it down to nothing but the base installation - no themes and no plugins. Then re-install if them one-by-one if the installation is working at that point. If you're using a base installation of Joomla, you can obtain the original files and re-install joomla, then use those files in place of your files to see if it makes a different. This method will require the version of Joomla that you're running.

If you are running Joomla 2.5, you may want to enable debug mode to see if it will give more information on the problem.

I hope this helps to get you going in the right direction. Please provide us further information if you wish for us to continue helping you troubleshoot the issue.

Arnel C.

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Hello Arnel,

The Joomla version is 3.1.5. It has no plug-ins at all so far, not even a 3th party template. Its a fresh installation. I used Softaculous to install it. I have an addon domain too though and it is working well. So, supposedly, the only difference with another fresh Joomla installation is the addon folder. I am going to install Joomla again but this time I will delete the folders manually making sure that nothing from the last installation remains. If this does not work I will be back with you. Thanks.
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2013-08-07 2:04 pm EST
The installation worked fine after manually deleting the folders, but now the problem is that Joomla does not allow me to log in on the back end nor on the front end. Could you help me, please? Thanks.
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2013-08-07 5:13 pm EST
Hello Perigono,

Sorry for the ongoing problems! Sounds like you're making progress though. I understand that you're working with, but the best way to handle this is the manual method describe in the Joomla documentation here:

Recover or Reset your Admin Pasword

Since I do not know your password, then it would be better if you did the steps. You can use the cPanel File manager in place of an FTP client as they're suggesting in the instructions. That should allow you to recover the password.

Please let us know if you're still having any issues with the site.

Arnel C.
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2013-08-07 5:56 pm EST
Hello Arnel,
I found the cause of the log-in problem. My fault. The rule for setting up the username in Joomla is: No spaces, at least 2 characters and must not contain the following characters: < > \ " ' % ; ( ) &. My Username had two %. I had to get inside of the administration following the last option of the document you pointed out which was the only that worked. Once I was inside of the administration, I tried to write my username again and I received the warning. Since the username was established through Softaculous before installing Joomla, I never saw the warning. When I tried to login on the backend, I couldn't. Sounds logical?
Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it.
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2013-08-08 2:18 am EST
Hello Perigono,

Thank you for commenting, and letting us know.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

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2013-08-08 11:41 am EST
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