Green line in right side bar when placing google ad and ads not showin

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TheTrews / 118 Points
2014-07-10 9:45 am EST
Hi im building a site currently at, i just now placed code from google adsense into my side bar. I realise it needs time to load properly, so now it just appears as a grey box BUT a random green line has appeared as well. I have no idea what this might mean as this is the first ad ive ever tried to place. Is it possible that i need to pick different dimensions for the ad placement? Have a look at what i mean please, here is a screenshot:

ive had to post this query again because no one was responding to the last time i posted it. Since then the ads are not appearing. Do i need a plugin for it to work? Do i need to put google adsense publisher ID somewhere? plz help

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2014-07-10 10:47 am EST
Hello TheTrews,

Thank you for providing a screenshot. I looked through your coding using the Google Chrome Inspect tool, and noticed it is caused by your css rules for your theme.

Your css file is located here:

The green line is caused by the following rule:
border-bottom: 1px solid green; */
text-decoration: none;
/* color: green; */

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,


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ty for your response john. Is this the reason why my ad i place there is not showing? Ive set up adsense, created the ad, copied the code and placed it into a text widget which is on my sidebar, are they all the steps i need to take to get ads showing on my site or is there something i'm missing like putting the "adsense publisher Id" somewhere in wordpress? From the research ive done only it should only take about 10 minutes for the ad to show up. Can you tell me please what im doing wrong? also should i delete the green line?
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2014-07-10 10:59 am EST
Typically it takes around 10 minutes for the ads to appear, but I have personally seen it take much longer in some instances. Of course, be sure that you do not have any cached information there by clearing your browser cache.
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2014-07-10 11:14 am EST
hello again, something has just happened to my site. The posts are appearing half way down the screen now. I havn't touched anything to change this. WTF is going on. Plz have a look at i honestly havn;t done anything to make this change and now i feel like crying, all my hard work seems for nothing. Is someone in your team messing with my code???
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2014-07-10 11:27 am EST
sorry about that last messgae, i just panicked. I realise all i done was activate the "adsense explosion" plugin. But why is it effecting my site this way?
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2014-07-10 11:30 am EST
When I visit this site, everything looks normal to me. Could you clarify exactly what you see? Possibly a screenshot?
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2014-07-10 11:53 am EST
hi jeff, the reason why it looks fine now is because im changing the settings in the "adsense explosion" plugin as we speak. But there are no ads showing, only gaps appearing where the ads will be placed. Im a bit confused because i expected to have to paste the "google ad code" somewhere. hmmm completely confused.

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2014-07-10 12:20 pm EST
The only thing you need to add to the plugin is the publisher ID. As long as this is added, the code should then be live. It can, however, take some time for the ads to be displayed.

If you are running into issues while the ads have been live for several hours, I recommend speaking to the developer of this plugin as they may have some compatibility issues.
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2014-07-10 12:43 pm EST
ty for your fast responses, i noticed that on this "adsense explosion" plugin i have option for "asynchronous ad" which then brings down another box for me to enter an "Adsense Data Ad Slot". So i went back to adsense and noticed a message saying "i needed to apply to show ads on a non-hosted website". Is wordpress not partnered with google? anyway ive applied to have ads show up on non-host websites. I can still get the code i need i think but ads wont show up if my site is a non-host site. Anyway this montization of my site with adsense is much more complex than i thought it would be.
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2014-07-10 12:57 pm EST
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