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2016-02-19 8:47 pm EST
I apologize if this is a repeat question. I submitted this question last night and received no response so I am resubmitting...

The template images are not showing up in most Wordpress themes that I am viewing/installing (including the Wordpress default themes). I've been poring over Wordpress forums and the fix that seems to be working for everyone else is not working for me... which is to configure Hotlink Protection. I've deleted and re-installed wordpress multiple times, deleted everything from my public_html in File Manager, and tried installing Wordpress on a sub-directory of my domain. Does anyone else have any suggestions or ideas for me to try out? This has been driving me insane!
If it matters, I recently installed BoldGrid, decided I didn't want to use it, and then uninstalled it. It seems like that's when my problems started, but it may also be coincidence. I also recently moved my domain to google domains.

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i have the same issue and i have deleted my sample page previously. May i know how you resolved yours?
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2018-12-25 03:25 pm EST



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2016-02-19 8:59 pm EST
Hello ,

Thank you for your question regarding WordPress. I do apologize for the delay as we did get your previous question however our normal business hours are from 8am - 9pm EST and we answer the over night questions as soon as we can. Can you provide a URL that does not have images showing up as I see the one you provided for us to view but I don't see where images should be as the template is loading everything that I can tell.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens

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Thanks for the response. I saw the "1 hour response" thing and got antsy. Yes, the template is appearing to load ok... however, upon further investigation. I'm seeing that it's not just the pictures that aren't showing up. So I'm guessing something is askew somewhere. If you look at what twenty-sixteen wordpress theme should look like, it looks like I'm also missing the sample menu across the top along with the theme sample pictures. This is also happening with other themes. Just to be sure it wasn't just me, I also checked the my website from a different computer and a different browser. So in summary:
-- is using the Wordpress Twenty Sixteen theme. This is what the theme should look like:
-- is using a theme called Tempera. Here is what that theme should look like: (and to be sure of things, when I installed this theme in the past, the pictures and menus all showed up just as they are in the theme preview).

Any ideas? Thanks!!
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2016-02-20 3:18 am EST
Hello Trixie682,

The menu may not be appearing as there is no default menu when you install WordPress. I still not see where pictures are suppose to be. Also I tried to go to the second domain you provided and it is showing a 404 so you may need to tell WordPress to ignore that directory. But just to be sure I installed a new version of WordPress and could not find any issues with images.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
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2016-02-20 11:10 am EST

2016-02-20 8:08 pm EST
I finally figured it out!!... So simple, yet so elusive. The sample page that comes loaded on the Wordpress install was keeping the theme template preview page and images from showing. So going into "pages" and deleting the sample page was what ultimately allowed me to see the sample template page and all of the images. It will be a lot easier to build a page based off this template rather than the "blank slate" I was getting before. I don't remember that having been an issue in the past, but it's been a while since I last did a fresh install of Wordpress. Thanks again for your time and help!

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Thanks for providing us the solution for the issue that you had been facing! If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.
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2016-02-22 6:27 pm EST
I am unable to see my sample page so i can delete it
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2018-12-25 3:27 pm EST
I recommend following our guide on Troubleshooting WordPress to help narrow down the cause.

Thank you,
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2018-12-27 7:16 pm EST
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