105: Basic guides to adding content to your Modx Revolution website


Section 1: Creating your first Modx document
The following tutorial is a quick start guide to creating a document resource webpage containing only text in the Modx back end interface. You will walk through adding sample text and formatting the text using basic HTML.
Hits: 1,876
Section 2: Adding a Picture to your Modx Website
The following guide shows you how to upload a picture and then add it to a basic document resource using the Modx Dashboard
Hits: 2,887
Section 3: How to use a Chunk Tag within Modx
The following Modx Revolution tutorial walks you through setting up a simple tag for a resource called a chunk.
Hits: 1,417
Section 4: Commonly Used Tags in Modx
The following article defines various tags used in Modx Revolution. Each tag format is displayed and described.
Hits: 1,343
Section 5: Understanding the Resources Tab in the Modx Revolution Dashboard
The following article describes one of the central navigation tools for Modx - the Resource Tree. The following article specifically concentrates on the Resources tab to identify and describe the interface in Modx.
Hits: 1,619
Section 6: Understanding the Elements Tab in Modx
The central location for finding defined resource files with the resource tree is the Elements tab. The elements tab allows you to edit, duplicate, remove, create and organize the resource files.
Hits: 993
Section 7: Understanding the Files Tab in the Modx Resource Tree
The last part of the Resource tree is the Files tab. This allows access to server files for editing, organization and creation purposes.
Hits: 1,095
Section 8: Quick Start to Using a Snippet in Modx
When you need Modx content that will change on the fly such as a menu or information listing, then you can use a snippet. The following article explains how to create a simple Modx snippet within the Administrator dashboard.
Hits: 1,044
Section 9: Using the Modx Template
The following article shows where to find and build a template within the Modx Revolution Administrator Dashboard.
Hits: 1,311
Section 10: How to Load Modx Templates
There many pre-made designs created by enthusiasts of Modx. These Modx templates can be downloaded freely and added to your Modx website through the Package Management option of the Modx Administrator Dashboard. The following article explains the steps for installing and then using the templates in Modx.
Hits: 1,796
Section 11: How to Create a Static Resource in Modx
The static resource is Modx resource type that can be used to represent files such as large text files. The following article explains the steps in creating static resource for Modx.
Hits: 2,028
Section 12: How to Create a Snippet in Modx
Snippets are stored portions of code that can be used repeatedly throughout a Modx site. They can be used to produce a specific output affecting your website structure in anyway that you can program the code. The following article explains how to create and use a simple snippet in Modx.
Hits: 1,741
Section 13: Adding Google Plus to MODX pages
Social networking has often become a requirement for helping improve visitors to your website. Google's social networking solution, called Google Plus, provides hangouts, circles, and video conferencing to name only a few of its features. We explain how to integrate the Google+ button into your MODX web page in the following article.
Hits: 817
Section 14: Add Facebook Like button to MODX Page
The Facebook like button is easily added into MODX using its code-friendly interface. The following article walks you through inserting the code using the MODX Administrator dashboard.
Hits: 2,704
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