In this tutorial we will show you how to setup your store information in Zen Cart. This is important since it is where you set many options regarding your store, such as the store name and contact information.

How to Set Up Your Store Info:

  1. Login to the Zen Cart Admin panel.
  2. In the menu, roll your mouse over the Configuration option, and click My Store.

    There will be a list of settings, click the one you want to edit, and to the right settings will be available. Below is a description of the available options:
    Store name Enter a name for your online store here.
    Store Owner Enter store owner info here.
    Telephone - Customer Service Provide a phone number for customers to call for assistance.
    Country Select your country from a drop-down list.
    Zone Choose your Zone from a drop-down list.
    Store Address and Phone Enter the address and phone number for your store here. This is especially important if you are accepting checks/money orders.
    Expected Sort Order Choose if you want the default display order to be ascending or descending.
    Expected Sort Field Choose if you want the expected products box to be sorted by the product's name or the date it is expected on.
    Switch to Default Language Currency Choose true if you want the currency to switch automatically to match the language.
    Language Selector Choose if you want the language to be based on the customer's browser setting, or the default store language setting.
    Display Cart After Adding Product Choose True if you want the customer to see the shopping cart after adding a product. False will let them continue shopping (they can view the cart later).
    Default Search Operator Select and to search for items that contain all the words you are looking for, or will search for any of the words you are looking for.
    Show Category Counts True will show how many products are in a category, false will not show the count.
    Show Category Counts - Admin True will show how many products are in a category in the admin section, false will not show the count in the admin section.
    Tax Decimal Places Zen Cart states, "Pad the tax amount this amount of decimal places. For example, if the amount of tax was $3 and tax decimal places was set to 2, it would display as $3.00." 
    Display Prices with Tax True will display the price of products with the tax included, false will not show the tax until the checkout.
    Display Prices with Tax in Admin True will display the price of products with the tax included in the admin panel, false will only show the tax on the invoice.
    Basis of Product Tax Choose if you want the product tax calculated based on the shipping, billing, or store address.
    Basis of Shipping Tax Choose if you want the shipping tax calculated based on the shippingbilling, or store address.
    Sales Tax Display Status Choose if you want sales tax to display at all times, even when the cart is empty, 0 is no, 1 is yes.
    Show Split Tax Lines If customer is being charged multiple taxes, select true to display them on separate lines, or false to combine them on one.
    Store Status

    Choose your store status, as per Zen Cart:

    0= Normal Store
    1= Showcase no prices
    2= Showcase with prices

    Admin Session Time Out in Seconds

    As per Zen Cart: Enter the time in seconds. Max allowed is 900 for PCI Compliance Reasons.
    Example: 900= 15 min

    Choose from 900, 600, or 300.

    Admin Set max_execution_time for processes As per zen cart: 

    Enter the time in seconds for how long the max_execution_time of processes should be. Default=60 Example: 60= 1 minute

    Note: Changing the time limit is only needed if you are having problems with the execution time of a process

    Show if version update available True will automatically check for updates and notify you, False will not check for updates automatically.
    Server Uptime If you want the server uptime included in errors, select true, if not select false.
    Missing Page Check

    Choose how you want Zen Cart to handle missing pages. As per Zen Cart:

    On = Send missing pages to 'index'

    Off = Don't check for missing pages

    Page Not Found = display the Page-Not-Found page

    Currency Conversion Ratio

    Zen Cart states: When auto-updating currencies, what "uplift" ratio should be used to calculate the exchange rate used by your store? ie: the bank rate is obtained from the currency-exchange servers; how much extra do you want to charge in order to make up the difference between the bank rate and the consumer rate?

    HTML Editor The only options I had available from the drop menu was Plain Text.  Zen cart states: Please select the HTML/Rich-Text editor you wish to use for composing Admin-related emails, newsletters, and product descriptions.
    Enable phpBB linkage If you have phpBB installed, True will sync the newly created accounts with it, False will not.
    Congratulations, now you know how to setup your Store Information in Zen Cart!

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