How do domain names work?

Domain names are registered with a domain registrar. You pay the registrar a yearly fee to keep the domain active. Your registrar then points the domain name to a set of nameservers, and those nameservers in essence point your domain name to your hosting company.

You can register your domain with whichever domain registrar you would like, and you can still host that website with Web Hosting Hub as long as you ask your registrar to point your domain's nameservers to Web Hosting Hub's nameservers.

If your task is to point your domain to our servers, you will need to make sure your nameservers are updated accordingly. Transferring registrars is not a requirement to host your website with us, however some users like to do this to keep everything under one company.

Do I need to make any changes with my domain?

If you registered your domain name through Web Hosting Hub, then your domain name should already be pointing to the correct nameservers. If you registered your domain name through another register and you wish to now host that domain name with us, you'll need to update your domain's nameservers. 

How do I change my nameservers?

You can change nameservers by logging into your current registrar account and replacing the existing nameservers with your host nameserver, in our case:

Once the nameservers are changed, it can take 4 to 24 hours for the changes to take full effect. Please note, you probably won't need the IP addresses of the Nameservers, but we have provided this information as a convenience in case your registrar requires it.

Do I need to transfer my domain?

You only need a registrar transfer if you wish to have Web Hosting Hub be the company that manages your domain(s).  We would bill you for the domain each year and also have access to your DNS settings in case you needed any modifications to be made. Registrar transfers cost $14.99, and they extend the current expiration date for one year automatically.

For more help with transferring your domain name, please see, Transferring an existing domain.

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1,243 Points
2011-10-10 9:25 am
What are Web Hosting Hub's nameservers?
9,518 Points
2011-10-10 9:28 am
Our Nameservers are:

Please allow 4-24 hours for DNS to propagate after making that change.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Christi N
1,243 Points
2011-10-10 9:29 am
Thanks Christi!
2012-05-22 9:41 am
Do I need to transfer my domain ?
8,833 Points
2012-05-22 10:04 am
Hello flower888,

Techncially you do not have to transfer your domain name to us if you do not want to. Please refer to the heading above named 'Do I have to transfer my domain?' and it will give you the details so you can make your decision.

- Scott M
2013-02-05 8:11 pm
how can i point my domain name to my blogger blog post from webhostinghub?
9,413 Points
2013-02-05 9:39 pm
Hello Kenn297,

If you only have a domain registration account then you do not have anyway to make DNS changes to your domain name here with Web Hosting Hub.

As per the the Blogger documentation (, you need to have the ability to set DNS changes in order to user your domain name. You can do this with your domain name by either transferring it to another Domain registrar that gives you control (without a hosting account) or finding a DNS service to do this. Currently, your account is only a Domain registration only account and does not provide a way to control your DNS settings.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.
2013-05-21 8:54 am
zaher from Afghanistan
hello dear!!!!

i have question!!
i want to make new domain with my panel !!!
i have domain and host at web hosting hub. if i want to make new dns for new add on domain. i should put the the web hosting hub name server or my new add on domain name [] should be in dns like >>> or what?
i can not understand this section!!
please help me!!
7,094 Points
2013-05-21 9:46 am
Hello Zaher,

I looked up the whois for, and it is not registered. It must be registered first before it will function. Domain registrations with us are $11.99 per year.

After it is registered, it will already be pointed to our Nameservers, but you can modify them in AMP.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

2013-05-21 11:17 am
but i have purchased host for 2 yr from your web hosting[hub] and for 1 yr purchased domain!
does it need to purchase again host and domain!!
in my cpanel show the addon domain. i was triad to make new domain with single cpanel account!! but it need dns! and i don't know how do put the dns to come up my new addon domain!!!

and i don't know i should put my addon domain like this[ or put] for start my new addon domain!!
7,094 Points
2013-05-21 1:57 pm

I checked the Whois for, and it is already pointed to our Nameservers, and is loading on our servers.

You can Addon domains, to your existing cPanel, but you must purchase the additional domain name for it to work.

You do not need to purchase an additional Hosting account, but only register the new domain name for $11.99 per year.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

2014-02-16 11:45 pm

Can you check if I have to pay an additional 11.99 per year, if I transfer from yahoo to webhostinghub? I already changed the name server, set to default the MX Records (Gmail is managing our email services), and updated our domain registration information. I just had it done Feb 17, 11:35am. I'm not sure if I can transfer the domain now but I have to know first if there is an additional payment. Thansk in advance!
7,094 Points
2014-02-17 11:03 am
Hello lesterreyes,

It is now $14.99 to transfer a domain to Webhosting Hub, it was increased late last year. This price is inline with the current industry pricing.

The price for transfer includes a renewal for an additional year of registration.

Keep in mind it is not required to transfer your registration to us to host your website, as you can simply point your nameservers to host with us.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

n/a Points
2014-03-03 1:45 am

Thanks John Paul,

I actually did point the nameservers to webhostinghub's but when i tried accessing the site, it was not there anymore. And when i brought it back to default, it's there again.

I just wanted to have the transferred to webhostinghub so that everytime people search for, it will redirect to our new site Does transfering my domain to yours fix that? And also I find yahoo's rate rather expensive that's why I wanted it badly to transfer domain.

Again thanks for the help



1,135 Points
2014-03-03 11:44 am
It looks like when you pointed your nameservers, you added the Web Hosting Hub nameservers instead of replacing the Yahoo nameservers with them which will cause issues. To resolve this, remove the Yahoo entries.
n/a Points
2014-03-27 2:32 am

I have a question. I registered a domain name with web hosting and paid for the registraion. Now we have a new partner joining the team who doesnt like the domain name. Is there any way we can change the domain name once it is registered.

PS: I am not very techno savvy. Please make it a lil simple.

1,135 Points
2014-03-27 8:13 am
A domain cannot simply be changed. You may, however, purchase a new domain, then perform a primary domain change on the account to use that new domain.
n/a Points
2014-04-01 10:54 am

I pointed my GoDaddy domain to your nameservers on March 30th and still nothing happened. Isn't it too long and what can be a problem? The domain is

How will I know that the domain is pointed correctly? Will it simply appear on the AMP panel? 

Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm learning everything by myself. 

Thank you

7,094 Points
2014-04-01 11:50 am
Hello Victoria,

Thank you for your question. I looked up the Whois for, and it is pointed successfully to our nameservers.

At this time, you have to add the domain ( to your cPanel, then allow up to 24 hours for propagation to complete.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,


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