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2014-12-28 2:16 am EST
Fighting Spam
I cannot respond to the response I got on my previous question with the same title as above, because I will not log in via Facebook or Google+ due to the fact that WebHostingHub requires access to my data.

Here is the response i got:


I do apologize that your questions have not been answered in the past. What email were you sending to for help? If you list your questions I will try my best to answer all of them. Can you also provide me with a domain so I may look up your account to see what went wrong and why you never received a response?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens


My response to the above is that I have three email questions to with headings "Domain transfer and email hosting", "SpamAssassin filters" and "SpamAssassin learning". How many ticket items I have unanswered, I do not know, because, as far as I can see, I cannot access my tickets.

My domain is

The most pressing question right now is how I can feed messages to SpamAssassin to teach it. I get tons of spam, 1379 since 12/14/2014, which is about 100 a day. Of these, SpamAssassin got 1107, which is about 80 %. Very good, but it leaves 20 % not caught, and I would want to teach SpamAssissin about these. How is the question, and I hope for an answer to that.


Hans L

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Hello Hans,

Thank you for your questions today. I did a check on your account and do see that we have responded to every ticket that we received since your account's inception. It is possible that you did not receive the responses or that they were dealt with by your spam filters. We apologize if it seems like we were not responding as that is never our intention.

As for questions posted here, the support center is 'open' Mon-Fri 8am-9pm for answers to be received within 60 minutes. Any questions asked outside that time are dealt with when the Help Center reopens. You can, of course, ask questions at any time, of course. I do think this needs to be more prominent on the website so we will check into getting that added as well.

Now to your questions about SpamAssassin. The best way to catch more spam is to lower the score a bit. You can lower it by half or whole points (from 5 to 4.5 or 4). This should help it catch a bit more spam.

As to teaching SpamAssassin, I am not aware of a method that I can say works on a shared server. It can be done at the admin level, however. There is a guide online to help teach SpamAssassin via Cron job, however I cannot confirm this works for shared servers. If you wish to try, you can find the link here.

We are also working on another login option for those who do not wish to use their social media accounts for security reasons. Hopefully this will be rolled out soon so you can then have your own account within the Help Center. I completely understand as that is how I like to do things myself.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
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2014-12-29 05:56 pm EST
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