Does WHH Support LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates?

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2017-03-31 10:19 am EST
I'm currently using Let's Encrypt for some internal uses, but I'm curious if I can utilize Let's Encrypt for my website hosted through WebHostingHub. I don't see the value in $100 a year for an official certificate as we're not using our website as an ecommerce center and our uses are purely informational.

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2017-03-31 10:32 am EST

Thank you for your question about using a Let's Encrypt SSL with our hosting. You most certainly can install a valid, 3rd party SSL such as one from Let's Encrypt. Simply login to cPanel, and look for the SSL/TLS Manager.

Casey B.

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can you explain what is the process to setup the let's encrypt SSL using webhostinghub cpanel?
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2017-05-21 5:18 pm EST
We do not currently have the plugin set up to create and install Let's Encrypt SSLs. If you have an SSL that was created by a third party Let's Encrypt site, then that can be installed.
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2017-05-22 1:27 pm EST
Casey & Scott,
As I think you're aware, LetsEncrypt certificates are designed to be programmatically renewed, with 90 day expiration cycles. Forcing us to go through the process of manually doing the certification process rather defeats the purpose. There are cPanel plugins available to automate the issuance. Even if we needed to pay for the static IP, this still would seem to be a better option than either the shared SSL that requires us to use something other than our domain name or the $100 Comodo certificate ($63 after the "free" static IP). I encourage you to move forward with installing the plugin.

I don't do any ecommerce either, but REALLY dislike the thought of my users entering passwords over unencrypted channels. Too many people reuse passwords from other sites.
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2017-06-03 4:23 pm EST
Hello GPrellwitz,

We are indeed aware of the 90 day renewal for Let's Encrypt SSLs. So yes, if you go through a third party to get one you would need to go through the process every 90 days. We are not against the concept of Let's Encrypt and are still evaluating if/when we will implement it.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
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2017-06-07 9:37 am EST
Love it, please keep evaluating! WHH FTW!
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2017-07-03 5:59 pm EST
I hope you guys are still planning on implementing the Let's Encrypt plugin into cPanel. The current 'Free Basic SSL' in AMP doesn't seem to be sufficient and doesn't put the 'Secure' flag in browsers. My friend's on other web hosts who have put the Let's Encrypt plugin in cPanel all have validated and auto-renewed sites with the 'Secure' flag.
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2018-02-11 10:46 pm EST
Hello jphilip,

Thank you for contacting us about Let's Encrypt and implementing an SSL. Our Free SSL is issued by Comodo and is fully functional and is currently used to secure many sites. Due to this, there is currently no plans to implement Let's Encrypt.

Installing an SSL (of any kind) on your server for a site is just the first step. You must also ensure your site is serving everything over https. For example, if your website has an image with a link that has 'http' instead of 'https' the secure lock will not show. When I checked the website associated with your username I see the following images being server over http:

This will cause your site to display as "not fully secure" in browsers.

Since it seems you are using WordPress, here is a link to our helpful guide on Enabling https in WordPress for SSL. Sometimes themes/plugins will still try to server items insecurely, in this case, I recommend using a 3rd party plugin for implementing https (there are many available).

Thank you,
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2018-02-12 11:47 am EST
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