Website was working 3 days ago, now I am getting mysqli errors. Why and what changed?

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MatthewCrist / 8 Points
2013-07-18 2:03 am EST
I made an update to my website on Sunday. The site completely works on local and was working perfectly fine on the early morning hours of Monday (7/15/2013). Now I am getting all kinds of errors with MySQLi and sessions. What changed and why? I have not made any changes since this time.

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I've checked all my error logs and there are no issues with regards to MySQL statement errors. It is as if the server is rejecting my connection to the server.
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2013-07-18 02:14 am EST
I've reset the user and the password connecting to the database. This has not resolved the issue.
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2013-07-18 02:24 am EST
So here's the issue:

I call mysql_stmt->fetch_result, which is apparently no longer valid. Why this was changed without informing us of the change is beyond me at this point. I'm sure if there was a change that occurred in PHP config, we should have at least been informed. I am forced to rewrite portions of my site in order to get it to function properly, which means I must mysql_stmt->bind_result in order to acquire the results. This is frustrating to say the least, but I can fix the issue.
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2013-07-18 05:01 am EST

Native driver not enabled?
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2013-07-18 05:13 am EST
I created a phpinfo file and seen that mysqlind is not listed as your mysqli driver anymore. Are there any plans to reenable this as my current website will no longer function without and consider this change to be a deal breaker for me?
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2013-07-18 07:15 am EST
They are calling it a programming error. <.<

This topic is thoroughly documented as the mysqli_stmt::get_result is a function that is defined in the native driver which is disabled or not built into the last update they did. Regardless, support sucked, and it was like talking to a brick wall.
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2013-07-18 01:29 pm EST

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2013-07-18 3:55 pm EST
Hello MatthewCrist, and thanks for your question, and sorry for the troubles!

Did you attempt to change the version of PHP on your account either Sunday or Monday? It looks like I found a bug in the cPanel PHP version switcher, which commented in the .htaccess file on your account the version of PHP to use, but it didn't actually include the proper AddHandler command to make that change active.

I've gone ahead and put your account to PHP 5.4 which I assume is what you must have been using prior to these problems, as PHP 5.3 and below on our server were not compiled with mysqlnd which is required for the mysqli_stmt::get_result() PHP method.

You particular server should have this problem fixed now, and I talked to our senior system administration team to ensure this bug is resolved across all of our other servers as well.

Please let us know if you're still experiencing any issues at all!

- Jacob

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2013-07-18 9:53 am EST
Hello MathewCrist,

Thank you for your questions. Last night we updated the PHP version on your server from PHP 5.3 to version 5.3.27. If you are experiencing issues with this version, reverting your PHP version back to 5.2 in cpanel may help.

We are happy to assist you further, but when I navigated to your site there is a maintenance page up. I will need to replicate and see the specific error to provide a more detailed fix.

Please respond with the full error message, or put the site back up so I can replicate the error.

Also, since this is a public forum, if you want to provide more information in a secure setting, you can contact Live Tech Support.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,


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Site is updated. You can notice the issue on the right. I have updated the front section to accept a different form of querying results currently.
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2013-07-18 9:57 am EST
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