The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the most common and cost-effective ways to ship items within the United States.  The service is also available for carrying products internationally.  By default, the shipping extension for the USPS is loaded, but it is not installed.  The following tutorial will guide you through installing and configuring the shipping extension in OpenCart 1.5.


Installing the United States Postal Service Shipping Extension

  1. Login to the Administrator Dashboard
  2. Hover over the menu bar where it reads EXTENSIONS.  Click on SHIPPINGwhen it appears in the drop-down menu. You will see the following screen or something similar (screenshot is from Opencart 1.54)


    The screen shot above shows the USPS option as second from the bottom in the list.  Click on INSTALL to start the installation process.

  3. The installation should not take very long and the ACTION column will change after it is complete.  You will see the options for EDIT and UNINSTALL appear when it has finished.  Click on EDITin order to begin the configuration of the shipping extension.


    In order to properly configure the USPS extension, you must have a USPS Web Tools account. Click on this link to register:  USPS Web Tools Registration

    User ID ID created with USPS account
    Zip Code  Zip/Postal code of shipper
    Domestic Services  Shipping services available within the country
    International Services  Shipping services available for shipping outside of the country
    Size  Regular or Large packages
    Container  Rectangular, non-rectangular or variable package shapes
    Machinable  Are packages able to run through machinery? yes or no?
    Dimensions (LxWxH)  Average side of packages
     Display Delivery Time Show delivery time
     Display Delivery Weight  Show delivery weight
     Weight Class  Must be set to pound
     Tax Class  Applies none, taxable goods, and downloadable products
     Geo Zone  Determines the geographical zone
     Status  ENABLES  Extension
     Sort Order  Determines the position of the shipping
     Debug Mode Used to save logs that are in i

Once the shipping extension has been installed with your USPS registration information, you will be able to provide the shipping option to your customers.  If you are using more than one carrier make sure to clearly specify its availability per the region where it is available. 

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n/a Points
2014-10-14 6:30 am

I'm on the production USPS API server, and I can make all the USPS options available to my customers EXCEPT for First Class mailings.  first Class mailing is usually much cheaper, especially internationally...  $7.00 to Austrialia via first class VS $55.20 via Priority mail International...

  Any idea why First class options do not show up in the list of choices?



 Mike B

2,342 Points
2014-10-14 3:37 pm
I am unsure as to why this option is unavailable via this extension. You may want to ask that question on the OpenCart forums for more information.
n/a Points
2014-11-17 1:37 pm

i am from nepal and want to use usps for my opencart. I just registered and got username and password. Now how can get user id and what about zip code. Can i use zipcode of nepal or must use US one. And what about user id, is username is user id or not?

16,266 Points
2014-11-17 8:51 pm
Hello disizme,

You will need to get your userID from the USPS themselves. You can register via the ' USPS Web Tools Registration' link in the article.

As for the ZIP Code, just use your local postal code for that field.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2017-07-27 3:21 pm

I am grateful for your tutorial. I do have a question tho. Do prices automatically populate for USPS once you select the shipping options or do I have to figure out the cost and manually enter them for each one?

Thank you,


361 Points
2017-07-27 4:43 pm
This extension works with USPS to calculate the shipping costs based on Dim Weights. That's a formula that accounts for the volume of the package as well as the weight.

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