Products in Opencart 1.5 are entered into the system through the Administration Dashboard.  Each product has a variety data that can be added it for it ranging from specific product descriptions, inventory information to discount and design layout information.  The following article summarizes the contents of the Product tab and provides descriptions and screenshots for each entry. 

Overview of the Product Entry for OpenCart 1.5

When you first enter the Product option you will need to do the following:

  1. Login to the Administration Dashboard as an Administrator
  2. Select CATALOG, then click on PRODUCTS as the drop down menu appears

You will see the following:


The GENERAL tab includes the product name, meta tag description, meta tag keywords, product description, and the product tags.   This section of basically provides the name and search descriptions for the product. 

Summary of the information in the tab:

  • Product Name*
  • Meta Tag Description
  • Meta Tag Keywords
  • Descriptions
  • Product Tags

The next tab is the DATA tab:


The DATA tab includes most of the physical measurements, identification numbers used for the databases, the image for the product, and inventory information.    It also contains specific tax and pricing information for the product. 

Summary of the information in the DATA tab:

  • Tab
  • Model*
  • SKU
  • UPC
  • Location
  • Price
  • Tax Class
  • Quantity
  • Minimum Quantity
  • Subtract Stock
  • Out of Stock Status
  • Requires Shipping
  • Requires Shipping
  • SEO Keyword
  • Image
  • Date Available
  • Dimensions
  • Length Class
  • Weight
  • Weight Class
  • Status
  • Sort Order

The next tab is the LINKS tab:


The LINKS tab is important, especially for products that you are selling which require downloading.  The tab includes the manufacturer information, store info, and the down-loadable link.  And it also includes the related products in your inventory.

Summary of LINKS tab options:

  • Manufacturer
  • Categories
  • Stores
  • Downloads
  • Related Products

The next tab is the ATTRIBUTE Tab:


The ATTRIBUTE tab is used to provide specific information on the product.  For example, if you wish to describe the clockspeed, you would create the attribute, then in the text you would describe the attribute.  This information will appeared formatted in the specifications for the product.

Summary of ATTRIBUTE tab:

  • Attribute

The following tab is the OPTION tab:


The OPTIONS tab allows you to set selectable product options.  This is most often used when you have different colors or configurations for the same basic product.  You can make many different options and label them, but be aware that they should accurately reflect the inventory of the product. 

Summary of OPTIONS tab:

  • Options

The next tab is the DISCOUNT tab:


The DISCOUNT tab allows you to set discounts per product and customer group.  You can also prioritize the discounts and set date ranges for them.

Summary of DISCOUNT tab:

  • Discount

The next tab is called the SPECIAL tab:


Like the DISCOUNT tab, the SPECIAL tab is basically anotherr way to provide price discounts that can be assigned to a customer groupo, prioritized and giaven a specific start and stop time.

Summary of SPECIAL tab:

  • Special

The follow tab is called the IMAGE tab:


The IMAGE tab is used to designate other images that will appear with the product.  These images should typically be related to the product primarily being displayed.

Summayr of the IMAGE tab:

  • Image

The next tab is REWARDS POINTS tab:


The REWARDS POINTS tab allows you to set the number of points that each product is worth.  If you have a rewards points program, then the customer can purchase the item using the points that they earn.  If you wish for the product to be ineligible for purchase through the rewards points program, then leave the number at 0.  This option can be set for the different available customer groups.


Summary of the REWARDS POINTS tab:

  • Points
  • Customer Groups

The final tab is the DESIGN tab:


The DESIGN tab allows you to override the default layout. 

Summary of the DESIGN tab:

  • Layout Override

The options for adding products to your OpenCart 1.5 store are numerous, but each option allows you to control the product using the variety of controls that are provided such as inventory control, SEO keywords, discounting, etc.  These options provide for a much better ecommerce experience that both your employees and your customers will appreciate.

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