When creating your site in the Premium Website Builder, knowing the banner size is important. You may wish to change the default banners out for a custom one. This is not possible in many themes due to the banners being cut into different pieces, but for the vast majority it can be done. Knowing the size in advance is important as you design your new banner.

Provided below is a chart of the current themes and their default banner sizes. Simply locate your template ID on the right and it will tell you what its particular formatting is. The banner sizes are listed width x height. Some are noted as 'data not available' as the actual banner information was not obtainable.

aa-03 410px × 155px
aa-04 780px × 150px
aa-05 376px x 235px
aa-06 780px × 201px
aa-08 476px × 180px
aa-09 780px × 235px
aa-10 780px × 250px
aa-11 780px × 227px
aa-12 529px × 234px
aa-13 376px × 235px
agriculture-001 685px × 392px
al-01 750px × 721px
al-02 750px × 207px
al-03 750px × 442px
art_and_photography-001 472px × 273px
art_and_photography-002  data not available
art_and_photography-003 475px × 206px
art_and_photography-004 461px × 293px
as-01 760px × 144px
as-02 325px × 214px
as-03 760px × 143px
as-04 379px × 266px
as-05 684px × 144px
as-06 592px × 322px
as-07 696px × 271px
av-067 577px × 232px
av-073 565px × 222px
av-074 527px × 238px
av-075 382px × 245px
av-076  data not available
av-077 405px × 212px
av-078 497px × 226px
av-080 727px × 240px
av-081 519px × 177px
av-085 561px × 202px
av-087 485px × 290px
av-093 504px × 282px
av-094 577px × 190px
av-095 159px × 145px
av-099 780px × 223px
av-100 449 x 224px
av-134 777px × 258px
av-136 174px × 196px
av-137 780px × 273px
av-139 561px × 241px
av-140 462px × 186px
av-141 527px × 212px
av-147 514px × 156px
av-150 550px × 222px
av-154 473px × 159px
av-155 561px × 224px
av-157 585px × 171px
av-159 538px × 166px
av-160 780px × 207px
av-163 391px × 219px
av-164 587px × 195px
av-166  data not available
av-168 552px × 163px
av-169 698px × 211px
av-170 524px × 191px
av-171 1,577px × 226px
av-173 560px × 183px
av-174 745px × 144px
av-178 620px × 150px
av-182 464px × 160px
av-183 780px × 290px
av-184 586px × 252px
av-185 537px × 321px
av-190 299px × 237px
av-192 532px × 215px
av-195 490px × 194px
av-198 526px × 169px
av-199 532px × 141px
av-201 531px × 205px
av-203 529px × 245px
av-204 780px × 156px
av-205 776px × 168px
av-206 677px × 287px
av-208 478px × 179px
av-209 780px × 230px
av-210 469px × 209px
av-211 542px × 220px
av-212 565px × 216px
av-213 510px × 191px
av-214 515px × 225px
av-215 426px × 178px
av-217  data not available
av-218 448px × 221px
av-219 701px × 211px
av-222 766px × 354px
av-223 731px × 196px
av-224 309px × 203px
av-225 645px × 201px
av-226 477px × 209px
av-227  data not available
av-228 475px × 194px
av-229 780px × 234px
av-230 544px × 216px
av-231 568px × 217px
av-233 780px × 250px
av-234 661px × 176px
av-235 501px × 219px
av-236 542px × 189px
av-238 61px × 194px
av-239 636px × 223px
av-240 716px × 212px
av-241 465px × 240px
av-242 470px × 209px
av-243 439px × 207px
av-244 559px × 207px
av-245 476px × 198px
av-246 507px × 198px
av-247 515px × 199px
av-248 411px × 183px
av-249 780px × 203px
av-250 502px × 178px
av-251 780px × 232px
av-252 556px × 212px
av-255 400px × 200px
av-256 548px × 188px
av-258 780px × 273px
av-259 780px × 250px
av-260 208px × 194px
av-262 443px × 172px
av-265 698px × 195px
av-266 443px × 222px
beauty-001  data not available
beauty-002  data not available
beauty-003 251px × 173px
business-001 349px × 247px
business-002 695px × 145px
business-003 521px × 257px
business-004 676px × 248px
business-005  data not available
business-006  data not available
business-007 586px × 232px
business-008 221px × 273px
business-009 324px × 227px
business-010 534px × 224px
business-011 780px × 121px
business-012 525px × 336px
business-013 265px × 268px
business-014 342px × 219px
business-015 780px × 267px
business-016 312px × 200px
business-017  data not available
business-018 580px × 201px
business-019  data not available
business-020 780px × 230px
business-021 404px × 342px
business-022 421px × 170px
business-023 547px × 224px
business-024 518px × 162px
business-025 780px × 208px
business-026 462px × 229px
business-027 326px × 278px
business-028 264px × 270px
business-029 78px × 298px
business-030 780px × 281px
business-031 271px × 138px
business-032 510px × 143px
business-033 500px × 268px
business-034  data not available
business-035 451px × 176px
business-037  data not available
business-038 596px × 169px
business-039 498px × 216px
cafe_and_restaurant-001 384px × 138px
cafe_and_restaurant-002 648px × 234px
cafe_and_restaurant-003 370px × 240px
cafe_and_restaurant-004 497px × 151px
cafe_and_restaurant-005 401px × 144px
cafe_and_restaurant-006 271px × 222px
chr-01 530px × 324px
chr-02 780px × 252px
chr-03 780px × 293px
chr-04 426px × 292px
chr-05 710px × 409px
chr-06 780px × 246px
chr-07 780px × 376px
chr-08 422px × 248px
chr-09 448px × 353px
chr-10 780px × 269px
chr-11 318px × 203px
chr-12 440px × 265px
chr-13 780px × 263px
chr-14 780px × 250px
chr-15 356px × 269px
chr-16 484px × 256px
chr-17 780px × 299px
chr-18 581px × 390px
chr-19 780px × 208px
chr-20 719px × 158px
chr-21 642px × 202px
chr-22 780px × 244px
chr-23 275px × 317px
chr-24 282px × 362px
chr-25 780px × 214px
dating-001 338px × 149px
design_studio-01 447px × 451px
design_studio-02 222px × 148px
electronics-01 749px × 260px
eug-01 780px × 193px
eug-03 261px × 245px
eug-04 469px × 242px
eug-09 769px × 196px
eug-10 762px × 136px
eug-11  data not available
eug-12 450px × 149px
eug-13 780px × 205px
eug-14 552px × 205px
eug-15 226px × 215px
eug-16 447px × 258px
eug-17 579px × 151px
eug-18 780px × 251px
eug-19 780px × 268px
eug-20 486px × 238px
eug-21 229px × 193px
eug-22 553px × 214px
eug-24 478px × 191px
eug-25 780px × 413px
eug-26 544px × 120px
eug-27 692px × 256px
eug-28 780px × 206px
eug-29 513px × 168px
eug-30 780px × 225px
eug-31 481px × 224px
eug-32 411px × 215px
eug-33 494px × 219px
eug-34 780px × 224px
eug-35 503px × 228px
eug-36 780px × 358px
eug-37 593px × 245px
eug-38 780px × 393px
eug-39 780px × 407px
eug-40 482px × 237px
eug-41 780px × 383px
eug-42 695px × 258px
fashion-001 466px × 332px
fashion-002 448px × 160px
fashion-003 629px × 198px
fashion-004 180px × 216px
fashion-005 780px × 224px
fashion-006 655px × 259px
flowers-001 356px × 75px
food_and_drink-001 701px × 368px
food_and_drink-002 601px × 198px
food_and_drink-003 495px × 224px
food_and_drink-004 444px × 294px
industrial-001 486px × 310px
interior_and_furniture-001 505px × 238px
interior_and_furniture-002 472px × 202px
interior_and_furniture-003 331px × 183px
interior_and_furniture-004 528px × 222px
interior_and_furniture-005 472px × 160px
moto_car-001 536px × 129px
moto_car-002 672px × 233px
moto_car-003 514px × 174px
music-001 780px × 234px
music-002 518px × 178px
night_club-001  data not available
night_club-002 780px × 386px
night_club-003 754px × 178px
night_club-004 501px × 236px
night_club-005 554px × 201px
personal-001 780px × 195px
personal-002 770px × 182px
personal-003 521px × 138px
personal-004 468px × 258px
personal-005  data not available
personal-006 544px × 183px
personal-007 490px × 172px
personal-008  data not available
personal-009 250px × 335px
personal-010 250px × 309px
personal-011  data not available
personal-012 387px × 174px
personal-013 269px × 220px
personal-014  data not available
personal-015 780px × 258px
personal-016 553px × 231px
personal-017 421px × 229px
personal-018 504px × 254px
personal-019 310px × 414px
personal-020 410px × 371px
personal-021 670px × 200px
personal-021 589px × 339px
personal-021 432px × 227px
personal-021 445px × 270px
personal-021  data not available
personal-021  data not available
personal-021 696px × 255px
personal-021 524px × 290px
personal-021 431px × 308px
personal-030 321px × 91px
personal-031 446px × 246px
personal-032  data not available
personal-033  data not available
personal-034 489px × 195px
personal-035 780px × 197px
personal-036 307px × 266px
personal-037 263px × 282px
personal-038 415px × 155px
personal-039 559px × 281px
personal-040 383px × 202px
personal-041  data not available
personal-042 708px × 235px
personal-043 177px × 177px
personal-044 493px × 199px
real_estate-001 543px × 180px
real_estate-002 643px × 196px
spec-001 760px × 239px
sport-001 780px × 310px
sport-002 516px × 225px
sport-003 426px × 280px
sport-004 410px × 272px
telecommunications-001 772px × 271px
telecommunications-002 632px × 300px
transport-001 573px × 211px
travel-001 780px × 394px
travel-002 780px × 313px
travel-003 535px × 230px
travel-004 774px × 285px
travel-005  data not available
travel-006 587px × 190px
travel-008  data not available
vap-02 780px × 262px
vap-03 780px × 234px
vap-04 780px × 145px
vap-05 520px × 88px
vap-06 780px × 176px
vap-07 780px × 250px
vap-08 780px × 137px
vap-09 780px × 181px
vap-10 780px × 260px
vap-11 780px × 125px
vap-12 780px × 314px
vap-13 780px × 294px
vap-15 780px × 350px
vap-18  data not available
vap-19  data not available
vap-20 491px × 140px
vap-21 230px × 275px
vap-22 780px × 282px
vap-23 641px × 321px
vap-24 571px × 127px
vap-25 530px × 171px
vap-26 384px × 288px
vap-28 577px × 178px
vap-29 780px × 181px
vap-30 331px × 164px
vap-31 399px × 162px
vap-32 191px × 659px
vap-33 780px × 245px
vap-34 180px × 280px
vap-35 640px × 186px
vap-36  data not available
vap-37 779px × 179px
vap-38  data not available
vap-39 688px × 151px
vap-40 780px × 172px
vap-41 589px × 148px
vap-42 780px × 164px
vap-43 250px × 392px
vap-44 280px × 180px
vap-45 780px × 145px
vap-46 669px × 219px
vap-47 715px × 237px
vap-48 158px × 117px
vap-49 360px × 361px
vap-51 304px × 602px
vap-52 766px × 434px
vap-53 541px × 268px
vap-54 780px × 317px
vap-56 777px × 207px
vap-57  data not available
vap-58 780px × 525px
vap-59 780px × 321px
vap-61 780px × 704px
vap-62 332px × 296px
vap-63 202px × 170px
vap-64 520px × 143px
vap-65 780px × 135px
vap-66 350px × 165px
xbs-01 780px × 155px
xbs-02 780px × 173px
xbs-04 665px × 228px
xbs-07 526px × 181px
xbs-08 372px × 190px
xbs-11 776px × 330px
xbs-13 764px × 209px
xbs-14 561px × 196px
xdim-01 503px × 301px
xec-01 780px × 239px
xec-03  data not available
xet-01 322px × 185px
xet-02 569px × 190px
xet-03 648px × 228px
xet-05 670px × 184px
xet-06 628px × 178px
xet-08 523px × 183px
xet-09 338px × 215px
xet-10 440px × 120px
xet-11 280px × 462px
xet-14 155px × 146px
xet-15 148px × 157px
xet-16 145px × 407px
xet-17 670px × 333px
xeug-01 780px × 235px
xeug-02 494px × 192px
xeug-03 438px × 273px
xeug-04 674px × 264px
xeug-05  data not available
xeug-06 583px × 194px
xeug-07 426px × 259px
xeug-08 780px × 258px
xeug-09 780px × 200px
xeug-10 535px × 236px
xeug-11 412px × 191px
xeug-13 346px × 258px
xeug-14 448px × 290px
xeug-15 780px × 360px
xeug-17 544px × 290px
xeug-18  data not available
xeug-21 456px × 348px
xfil-02 780px × 324px
xkat-01 682px × 189px
xmp-02  data not available
xmp-04 780px × 385px
xmp-05 770px × 240px
xmp-06  data not available
xmp-09 760px × 321px
xmp-10 746px × 347px
xmp-11 760px × 267px
xrl-03 391px × 123px
xrot-03 767px × 194px
xrot-03 780px × 142px
xrot-03  data not available
xsk-01 614px × 194px
xsk-02 568px × 301px
xsk-05 628px × 188px
xsk-07 298px × 182px
xsk-08 514px × 305px
xsk-09 538px × 232px
xsk-10 381px × 267px
xsk-11  data not available
xsk-12 692px × 224px
xsk-13  data not available
xsk-14 280px × 449px
xsk-16 492px × 235px
xsk-17 296px × 215px
xsk-18 731px × 237px
xsk-19 780px × 205px
xsk-20  data not available
xsk-21 110px × 381px
xww-01 515px × 142px
xww-02 780px × 278px
xww-04 780px × 309px
xww-07 780px × 184px
xww-09 780px × 223px
xww-10 698px × 321px
xww-12 322px × 219px
xww-13 780px × 250px
xww-14 536px × 153px
xww-15 747px × 192px
xww-16 530px × 229px
xww-18 780px × 286px
xww-19 774px × 250px
xww-20 310px × 271px
xww-21 592px × 249px
xww-22 730px × 229px
xww-23 356px × 189px
xww-24 771px × 151px
xww-25 518px × 198px
xww-30 780px × 210px
xww-34 769px × 214px
zeug-01 504px × 233px
zeug-02 765px × 276px
zeug-03 359px × 266px
zeug-04 330px × 212px
zeug-05 394px × 198px
zeug-06 342px × 267px
zeug-07 575px × 224px
zeug-08 497px × 228px
zeug-09 487px × 239px
zeug-10 362px × 276px
zeug-11 780px × 195px
zeug-12 411px × 209px
zeug-13 508px × 161px
zsk-01 335px × 269px
zsk-02 503px × 166px
zsk-03 780px × 258px
zsk-04 481px × 157px
zsk-05 760px × 251px
zsk-06 695px × 200px
zsk-07 779px × 203px
zsk-15 780px × 194px
zsk-16 496px × 322px
zsk-17 542px × 207px
zsk-18 604px × 244px
zsk-19 463px × 183px
zsk-20 444px × 211px
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