The Premium Website Builder program is a tool for designing your own website. It is designed in a wizard style that allows you to build your site in a step by step procedure. The program comes loaded with over 500 different templates to customize the look and feel of your site.

One of the more important features of the templates is their layout type. There are two specific layout types, Static (or fixed), and Dynamic (or liquid). Fixed width templates stay the same size no matter what shape of screen or screen resolution the user is viewing the site from. This means if the template is designed at 800 pixels wide, it will always be displayed that way. Dynamic, or liquid stretch to fit the resolution settings on the viewing monitor. This means the site will fill up the screen from edge to edge. Liquid layouts can alter the way a site is displayed and even the way items are laid out on the screen.

Below is a chart of the current themes installed on the builder server. This displays the theme ID and whether the they are fixed width or fluid. Simply locate your template ID on the right and it will tell you what its particular formatting is. This will help you select an appropriate template for your site design.

aa-03 dynamic
aa-04 dynamic
aa-05 dynamic
aa-06 dynamic
aa-08 dynamic
aa-09 dynamic
aa-10 dynamic
aa-11 dynamic
aa-12 dynamic
aa-13 dynamic
agriculture-001 dynamic
al-01 dynamic
al-02 static
al-03 static
art_and_photography-001 dynamic
art_and_photography-002 dynamic
art_and_photography-003 dynamic
art_and_photography-004 dynamic
as-01 dynamic
as-02 static
as-03 static
as-04 dynamic
as-05 dynamic
as-06 dynamic
as-07 dynamic
av-067 dynamic
av-073 dynamic
av-074 dynamic
av-075 dynamic
av-076 dynamic
av-077 dynamic
av-078 dynamic
av-080 dynamic
av-081 dynamic
av-085 dynamic
av-087 dynamic
av-093 dynamic
av-094 dynamic
av-095 dynamic
av-099 dynamic
av-100 dynamic
av-134 dynamic
av-136 dynamic
av-137 dynamic
av-139 dynamic
av-140 dynamic
av-141 dynamic
av-147 dynamic
av-150 dynamic
av-154 dynamic
av-155 dynamic
av-157 dynamic
av-159 dynamic
av-160 dynamic
av-163 dynamic
av-164 dynamic
av-166 dynamic
av-168 dynamic
av-169 dynamic
av-170 dynamic
av-171 dynamic
av-173 dynamic
av-174 dynamic
av-178 dynamic
av-182 dynamic
av-183 dynamic
av-184 dynamic
av-185 dynamic
av-190 dynamic
av-192 dynamic
av-195 dynamic
av-198 dynamic
av-199 dynamic
av-201 dynamic
av-203 dynamic
av-204 dynamic
av-205 dynamic
av-206 dynamic
av-208 dynamic
av-209 dynamic
av-210 dynamic
av-211 dynamic
av-212 dynamic
av-213 dynamic
av-214 dynamic
av-215 dynamic
av-217 dynamic
av-218 dynamic
av-219 dynamic
av-222 dynamic
av-223 dynamic
av-224 dynamic
av-225 dynamic
av-226 dynamic
av-227 dynamic
av-228 dynamic
av-229 dynamic
av-230 dynamic
av-231 dynamic
av-233 static
av-234 dynamic
av-235 dynamic
av-236 dynamic
av-238 dynamic
av-239 dynamic
av-240 dynamic
av-241 dynamic
av-242 dynamic
av-243 static
av-244 dynamic
av-245 dynamic
av-246 dynamic
av-247 dynamic
av-248 dynamic
av-249 dynamic
av-250 dynamic
av-251 dynamic
av-252 dynamic
av-255 dynamic
av-256 dynamic
av-258 dynamic
av-259 dynamic
av-260 dynamic
av-262 dynamic
av-265 dynamic
av-266 dynamic
beauty-001 dynamic
beauty-002 dynamic
beauty-003 dynamic
business-001 dynamic
business-002 dynamic
business-003 dynamic
business-004 dynamic
business-005 dynamic
business-006 dynamic
business-007 dynamic
business-008 dynamic
business-009 dynamic
business-010 dynamic
business-011 dynamic
business-012 dynamic
business-013 dynamic
business-014 dynamic
business-015 dynamic
business-016 dynamic
business-017 dynamic
business-018 dynamic
business-019 dynamic
business-020 dynamic
business-021 dynamic
business-022 dynamic
business-023 dynamic
business-024 dynamic
business-025 dynamic
business-026 dynamic
business-027 dynamic
business-028 dynamic
business-029 dynamic
business-030 dynamic
business-031 dynamic
business-032 dynamic
business-033 dynamic
business-034 dynamic
business-035 dynamic
business-037 dynamic
business-038 dynamic
business-039 dynamic
cafe_and_restaurant-001 dynamic
cafe_and_restaurant-002 dynamic
cafe_and_restaurant-003 dynamic
cafe_and_restaurant-004 dynamic
cafe_and_restaurant-005 dynamic
cafe_and_restaurant-006 dynamic
chr-01 static
chr-02 static
chr-03 static
chr-04 static
chr-05 static
chr-06 static
chr-07 static
chr-08 dynamic
chr-09 static
chr-10 static
chr-11 static
chr-12 dynamic
chr-13 static
chr-14 dynamic
chr-15 dynamic
chr-16 dynamic
chr-17 static
chr-18 static
chr-19 static
chr-20 static
chr-21 static
chr-22 static
chr-23 static
chr-24 dynamic
chr-25 static
dating-001 dynamic
design_studio-01 dynamic
design_studio-02 dynamic
electronics-01 dynamic
eug-01 dynamic
eug-03 static
eug-04 dynamic
eug-09 dynamic
eug-10 dynamic
eug-11 dynamic
eug-12 dynamic
eug-13 static
eug-14 dynamic
eug-15 dynamic
eug-16 dynamic
eug-17 static
eug-18 static
eug-19 static
eug-20 dynamic
eug-21 dynamic
eug-22 dynamic
eug-24 dynamic
eug-25 static
eug-26 static
eug-27 static
eug-28 dynamic
eug-29 dynamic
eug-30 dynamic
eug-31 dynamic
eug-32 dynamic
eug-33 dynamic
eug-34 static
eug-35 static
eug-36 static
eug-37 dynamic
eug-38 dynamic
eug-39 dynamic
eug-40 dynamic
eug-41 static
eug-42 dynamic
fashion-001 dynamic
fashion-002 dynamic
fashion-003 dynamic
fashion-004 dynamic
fashion-005 dynamic
fashion-006 dynamic
flowers-001 dynamic
food_and_drink-001 static
food_and_drink-002 dynamic
food_and_drink-003 dynamic
food_and_drink-004 dynamic
industrial-001 dynamic
interior_and_furniture-001 dynamic
interior_and_furniture-002 dynamic
interior_and_furniture-003 dynamic
interior_and_furniture-004 dynamic
interior_and_furniture-005 dynamic
moto_car-001 dynamic
moto_car-002 dynamic
moto_car-003 dynamic
music-001 dynamic
music-002 dynamic
night_club-001 dynamic
night_club-002 dynamic
night_club-003 dynamic
night_club-004 dynamic
night_club-005 dynamic
personal-001 dynamic
personal-002 dynamic
personal-003 dynamic
personal-004 dynamic
personal-005 dynamic
personal-006 dynamic
personal-007 dynamic
personal-008 dynamic
personal-009 dynamic
personal-010 dynamic
personal-011 dynamic
personal-012 dynamic
personal-013 dynamic
personal-014 dynamic
personal-015 dynamic
personal-016 dynamic
personal-017 dynamic
personal-018 dynamic
personal-019 dynamic
personal-020 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-021 dynamic
personal-030 dynamic
personal-031 dynamic
personal-032 dynamic
personal-033 dynamic
personal-034 dynamic
personal-035 dynamic
personal-036 dynamic
personal-037 dynamic
personal-038 dynamic
personal-039 dynamic
personal-040 dynamic
personal-041 dynamic
personal-042 dynamic
personal-043 dynamic
personal-044 dynamic
real_estate-001 dynamic
real_estate-002 dynamic
spec-001 dynamic
sport-001 dynamic
sport-002 dynamic
sport-003 dynamic
sport-004 dynamic
telecommunications-001 dynamic
telecommunications-002 dynamic
transport-001 dynamic
travel-001 dynamic
travel-002 dynamic
travel-003 dynamic
travel-004 dynamic
travel-005 dynamic
travel-006 dynamic
travel-008 dynamic
vap-02 static
vap-03 dynamic
vap-04 dynamic
vap-05 dynamic
vap-06 dynamic
vap-07 dynamic
vap-08 dynamic
vap-09 dynamic
vap-10 dynamic
vap-11 dynamic
vap-12 dynamic
vap-13 static
vap-15 dynamic
vap-18 dynamic
vap-19 dynamic
vap-20 dynamic
vap-21 dynamic
vap-22 static
vap-23 dynamic
vap-24 dynamic
vap-25 dynamic
vap-26 dynamic
vap-28 dynamic
vap-29 dynamic
vap-30 dynamic
vap-31 static
vap-32 dynamic
vap-33 dynamic
vap-34 dynamic
vap-35 dynamic
vap-36 dynamic
vap-37 dynamic
vap-38 dynamic
vap-39 dynamic
vap-40 dynamic
vap-41 dynamic
vap-42 dynamic
vap-43 dynamic
vap-44 dynamic
vap-45 dynamic
vap-46 dynamic
vap-47 static
vap-48 dynamic
vap-49 dynamic
vap-51 static
vap-52 dynamic
vap-53 dynamic
vap-54 dynamic
vap-56 dynamic
vap-57 dynamic
vap-58 static
vap-59 static
vap-61 static
vap-62 dynamic
vap-63 dynamic
vap-64 dynamic
vap-65 dynamic
vap-66 dynamic
xbs-01 dynamic
xbs-02 dynamic
xbs-04 dynamic
xbs-07 dynamic
xbs-08 dynamic
xbs-11 dynamic
xbs-13 dynamic
xbs-14 dynamic
xdim-01 dynamic
xec-01 dynamic
xec-03 dynamic
xet-01 dynamic
xet-02 dynamic
xet-03 dynamic
xet-05 static
xet-06 static
xet-08 static
xet-09 dynamic
xet-10 dynamic
xet-11 dynamic
xet-14 dynamic
xet-15 dynamic
xet-16 dynamic
xet-17 static
xeug-01 static
xeug-02 dynamic
xeug-03 static
xeug-04 static
xeug-05 dynamic
xeug-06 static
xeug-07 dynamic
xeug-08 static
xeug-09 dynamic
xeug-10 dynamic
xeug-11 dynamic
xeug-13 dynamic
xeug-14 dynamic
xeug-15 dynamic
xeug-17 dynamic
xeug-18 dynamic
xeug-21 dynamic
xfil-02 dynamic
xkat-01 dynamic
xmp-02 static
xmp-04 static
xmp-05 dynamic
xmp-06 dynamic
xmp-09 dynamic
xmp-10 dynamic
xmp-11 dynamic
xrl-03 static
xrot-03 dynamic
xrot-03 dynamic
xrot-03 dynamic
xsk-01 dynamic
xsk-02 dynamic
xsk-05 dynamic
xsk-07 dynamic
xsk-08 dynamic
xsk-09 dynamic
xsk-10 dynamic
xsk-11 dynamic
xsk-12 dynamic
xsk-13 dynamic
xsk-14 dynamic
xsk-16 dynamic
xsk-17 dynamic
xsk-18 static
xsk-19 dynamic
xsk-20 dynamic
xsk-21 dynamic
xww-01 dynamic
xww-02 dynamic
xww-04 dynamic
xww-07 dynamic
xww-09 dynamic
xww-10 static
xww-12 dynamic
xww-13 static
xww-14 dynamic
xww-15 dynamic
xww-16 dynamic
xww-18 dynamic
xww-19 dynamic
xww-20 dynamic
xww-21 dynamic
xww-22 dynamic
xww-23 dynamic
xww-24 dynamic
xww-25 dynamic
xww-30 dynamic
xww-34 dynamic
zeug-01 dynamic
zeug-02 dynamic
zeug-03 dynamic
zeug-04 dynamic
zeug-05 dynamic
zeug-06 dynamic
zeug-07 dynamic
zeug-08 dynamic
zeug-09 dynamic
zeug-10 dynamic
zeug-11 dynamic
zeug-12 dynamic
zeug-13 dynamic
zsk-01 dynamic
zsk-02 dynamic
zsk-03 dynamic
zsk-04 dynamic
zsk-05 dynamic
zsk-06 dynamic
zsk-07 dynamic
zsk-15 dynamic
zsk-16 dynamic
zsk-17 dynamic
zsk-18 dynamic
zsk-19 dynamic
zsk-20 dynamic
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