1 Answer
Every time I try to install modules on my drupal install I get the following errors: The specified file temporary://filepDogT7 could not be cop...
usflou 2012-01-07 10:17 am EST
2 Answers
It has run the clean URL test and come back with this: Your system configuration does not currently support this feature. The handbook page on Clean U...
mschuette 2011-10-05 12:58 pm EST
1 Answer
It doesn't effect the user, but I have a back log of these errors. Page Not Found - misc/jquery.cookie.js - But it IS There!
moonshine 2012-04-24 07:03 pm EST
1 Answer
I am looking for someone that could tell me how to go about install drupal 6 since the one in fantastico is 7.0 and I need 6 for a phpbb3 bridge to wo...
Milhouz 2011-11-15 04:18 pm EST
1 Answer
Hi I just installed Drupal using the Fantastico installer and noticed that you have an older version on your site (7.0) The newest version is 7.7 c...
norumz5 2011-08-08 06:38 pm EST
1 Answer
When I try to install drupal with Fantastico there is the following message: The installation can not be completed: - You chose to install in the mai...
MatthewBestore 2011-12-01 03:04 pm EST
1 Answer
Tried to install Drupal w/ Fantastico to no avail. Multiple errors on multiple iterations. Accidentally erased the directory that my domain points t...
moonshine 2011-11-22 07:36 pm EST
1 Answer
error message when i try to install drupal using fantastico" You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain." i initially ...
pona1 2012-02-06 08:48 pm EST
1 Answer
500 Internal server error while trying to install drupal, either manually or with fantastico. here is the path: any idea p...
Stado 2012-02-17 06:39 pm EST
1 Answer
I want to share many different documents so that others can download them. When I signed up for WebHosting the rep said I could do that, but I noti...
ScotStah 2012-08-07 04:47 pm EST
1 Answer
Hi, I'm still all very new to this site building. I'm trying to great a way to make secondary links for my primary ones that sort of drop down when...
rvsol 2012-06-11 11:55 am EST
1 Answer
Error message trying to install Drupal with PDO support. See below. Fatal error: Class 'PDO' not found in /home/spetak5/public_html/drup...
spetak 2012-06-29 12:22 pm EST
1 Answer
Hello, I have made a site with drupal that was automaticaly installed. I wonder if I could make an AUTOMATED backup say once a week from webhosti...
OMAROP 2012-09-19 10:20 am EST
1 Answer
Hi, I'm trying to install the Sheetnode module, which needs the Zend Gdata package in order to import spreadsheets. I have installed Zend and now am t...
rmlupi 2012-04-17 09:43 pm EST
1 Answer
I get the following error message: The specified file temporary://file6eHa6H could not be copied, because the destination directory is not properly c...
Calem 2012-05-22 02:57 am EST

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