Sometimes you will want to see what your site looks like before everyone else can see your site as well.  This can be done by viewing your site on the temporary URL we provided you when you first opened your account.

What is my Temporary URL?

Your temporary URL can be found in your Technical Details in your Account Management Panel (AMP). It will be in the format of:

... with the ehub (or whub) being replaced by your server number and "username" being replaced by your cPanel username.

What does my Temporary URL do?

When you visit your temporary URL, it loads the files you've uploaded to your public_html folder.  So that your visitors can see your website, make sure your index page is in the public_html folder.

Using the Temporary URL to test an addon domain:

If you're testing an addon domain, the addon domain pages are within a different folder than public_html. If you configured an addon domain called for example with a document root of public_html/, you'll use the following format when using your temporary URL:

Why does my site not load correctly on the Temporary URL?

If on your temporary URL your site is not loading correctly after migrating your site from a different host, there are a few different possible causes.

  • Case sensitivity:
    Linux servers are case sensitive but Windows servers are not, so if your prior host used Windows servers make sure that all your folders and file names have the same case (for example, Images instead of images or Movies instead of movies)
  • You are using Absolute Paths:
    When linking images on your website, you can use an absolute path or a relative path.  A relative path looks like images/image2.jpg while an absolute path will look like /images/image1.jpg (notice the first forward slash).  This same concept applies to all of your files, not just your images. For example, if you are using css files or javascript files, you'll want to review your code to ensure you are calling those files correctly.  If an Absolute Path is used it may not load from the correct folder.  This can be corrected by changing your links to using the relative path.
  • Your software is Domain Specific:
    Some software programs, such as WordPress and Drupal, are domain specific. This means that your site only displays properly on the exact domain specified in the configuration file for the software.  If you are viewing the site on the temporary URL, your site will not display correctly.  While this should resolve itself once the DNS changes are made, you can also make some quick and simple changes to your configuration settings to point to your temporary URL for testing purposes.  For step-by-step instructions on how this is done for WordPress, please see our article Installing WordPress on your Temporary URL. For information on how to set up Drupal to work over your temporary URL, please see our article on How to Install Drupal on Your Temporary URL.

Congratulations, now you know how to test your website using your Temp URL.
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n/a Points
2014-03-11 5:49 pm

Hi i have made a website using your web builder tool for i already have an active website for this domain hosted with webhosting loaded and live via public_html i want to be able to view the site i have made in web builder live to see if it is working ok reading the info about viewing live via temporary url it says will load files to public folder if i do this my current site will be deleted (i had this issue trying to load wordpress) how can i view it without removing current site? also is there a way to load google vewrification and tracking codes to the site in web builder as these are loaded on my current live site 

7,056 Points
2014-03-12 11:08 am
Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for your question. On Steps 1-3 in the Builder, there is a Preview button on the bottom right of the page. When you click it, you can preview the website in a browser, without publishing to your folder.

You can setup google analytics with the Builder, which is explained in this guide.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,


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