Section 1: Setting the Website Title in Contao System Settings
The website title can be set within the Contao Back end using the Website Title section. This section includes two settings- the website title and the administrator email contact. The following article shows how to easily change these values.
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Section 2: How to Change Date and Time Settings in Contao
Date, Time and Time zone settings can only be set to use numeric values so that the time can be displayed in numeric format. These settings can be found in the SystemSettings Back end module within Contao. The following article defines the settings that can be made and shows where these changes are applied within the Contao Administrator Back end.
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Section 3: Changing the Global Configuration Settings in Contao
The Contao Global Configuration settings contain important settings including the relative directory path, character encoding, and safe mode settings. The following article shows where to find, enable or modify these settings using the Contao back end.
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Section 4: Configuring the Back end settings for Contao
The appearance of the Contao back end and optimization for the files and assets location are determined by the System Settings in the Contao Back end manager. The following article explains how to find and configure the front end settings.
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Section 5: Configuring Front End Settings in Contao
The front end settings for Contao mainly focus on changing on how the URL will appear in the browser. The settings for the cache are also determined in this section. The following article describes where to find and configure these Front end settings for Contao.
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Section 6: File and Images Settings in Contao
Modifying images and file types that are used in Contao can be done using the Settings back end section. The following article walks you through making changes to these various settings.
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Section 7: Contao Privacy Settings
IP data can be saved in the Contao database. The same data is also often sent to Google for marketing purposes. This data can be made private by a few quick changes in the Contao Back end Settings module. The following article explains how to find and make these changes.
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