Section 1: Creating Subscriptions for Contao Newsletters
This article describes the methods of assigning users to the Contao newsletters through multiple interfaces within the Contao back end interface.
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Section 2: How to Use the Contao System Log
The Contao Administrator provides a system log which records a history of the actions taken within the application. This provides a trail that can be used for auditing or troubleshooting for the application. The following article explains how to locate , display and remove entries within the System Log.
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Section 3: How to Rebuild the Search Index in Contao
One of the features that Contao uses is an internal index that makes it easier for search engines to find things in your site. This index will need to be rebuilt on occasion due to updates or additions to the Contao website. The following article walks you through the steps to rebuilding the index.
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Section 4: How to Restore Deleted Changes in Contao
Contao provides restoration feature that can bring back file structures that had been previously removed. The following tutorial explains how to restore deleted structures within Contao.
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Section 5: Configuring Email for Contao
Emails coming from Contao can use the PHP mail function, or they can be configured to use SMTP. The following article describes Contao's back end management interface.
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Section 6: Manually Updating Contao Installations
The live update for Contao requires that you have paid subscription before you can use the automatic update utility. However, there are options available to update the installation using an FTP client like Filezilla. The following article explains how to update using the Filezilla FTP client.
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Section 7: Setting up Google Analytics for Contao
As with any website, if you are looking to track information on yuor web traffic then one of the best tools that you can use is Google Analytics. This programs provides a wide variety of information on your website and is free from Google. There is an extension made specifically for Contao and this article shows to how download and install it.
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Section 8: Setting up Google Plus for Contao
Google's venture into social networking is called Google Plus and can be integrated through a button that can be placed on your Contao website. The button is added after adding a free extension available in the Contao Extension manager. The following article will walk you through the installation for this extension
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Section 9: Adding the Google Plus button to Contao Pages
In order to use the Google plus extension in Contao, the button must be added per each website page being displayed. The following article explains the process of inserting Google Plus buttons on Contao website pages.
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Section 10: Setting up Google AdSense for Contao
Google Adsense is one of the ways that you can monetize content by using advertising. Contao allows you to use Adsense through a free extension. The following article explains how to find and install the Adsense extension in the Contao Extension Catalog.
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Section 11: Changing upload file size limit in Contao
Contao provides a setting that may limit the size of files being uploaded. The following article shows you how to correct this setting within the Contao Settings.
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