Nameserver changes take up to 24 hours to take effect. More information on this can be found in: What is DNS Propagation? While most registrars do not ask for the IP addresses of the Nameservers, we have provided this information as a convenience.

To point your domain's nameservers to Web Hosting Hub, use the following:

Nameservers IP Address

How do I change my nameservers?

If your domain is registered through us, you can change your domain's nameservers in AMP.

If the domain's registered elsewhere, it must be changed at the domain's registrar. If you're unsure how update your nameservers, please contact your current registrar for further assistance. For the more popular registrars, we do have documentation available to assist, located in the list below:

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2012-03-16 9:29 am
Your technical support is simple and clear. And the additional links to further explanations is priceless to a non-techie like me!! I'm so glad I switched to Web Hosting Hub!
13,688 Points
2012-03-16 9:34 am
Thank you LLFiggs!

We're happy to know we're providing you such good service. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime you have questions or need any assistance. We're always happy to help.


Christi N.
n/a Points
2014-09-30 4:21 pm

I've done something wrong.  the only way i can get into my site is if i type  i'm pretty sure thats not right.  What did i do wrong?

16,266 Points
2014-09-30 5:47 pm
Hello Kristina,

That is a domain name owned by WordPress for when you host on their servers. I did a check for the primary domain name you have on file with us here, but do not see that it was ever registered. You can, however register that domain name for your hosting account.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-12-14 6:10 pm
Perfect! Saved me time…(which is money) ;-)
n/a Points
2015-05-11 5:55 pm

After chaning the name servers on the site that is hosting the URL, how do I direct the URL to a specific folder on WebHostingHub?

1,198 Points
2015-05-12 8:33 am
Hello Alan,

You would need to add the domain as an addon domain, during that process it will ask you what folder you would like the document root to be.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
n/a Points
2015-10-13 10:02 am

This article should include where the name servers are on WebHostingHub

1,198 Points
2015-10-13 10:28 am
Hello Alan,

We are working to revamp many of our articles and ones missing content like this one is our high priorities. Again thank you for your input.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
n/a Points
2016-06-16 1:21 pm

I'm beyond frustrated with the services here. This is a waste of time, and money.

12,162 Points
2016-06-16 1:34 pm
Hello Christine,

Thank you for contacting us. Sorry to hear about your frustration. Is there an issue we can assist you with, or help you troubleshoot?

Thank you,

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