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2014-01-29 6:13 pm EST
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Could you please provide me with step by step process how to set up proper checkout for customers that includes all steps and where I can find them in my admin panel? Thanks!

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2014-01-29 6:29 pm EST
Hello Mystore, and thanks for your question.

It doesn't look like you've specified what software you're trying to use to setup a checkout process for your customers with.

If you haven't figured out what software you'd like to use yet, I'd recommend taking a look at some of our education channels for eCommerce software to figure out which software would work best in your case.

There is OpenCart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, and ZenCart that all allow you to create products and have customers checkout with those products.

If you've decided which eCommerce software you plan on using, and have any further questions at all about how to get something specific working. Please let us know, and provide us much details as possible for what you'd like to accomplish so we can make sure your question is fully answered.

- Jacob

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I`m sorry, I have opencart.
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2014-01-29 8:33 pm EST
Hello Mystore, thank you for providing a bit more information.

In the OpenCart Education Channel, we cover a lot of different aspects of the whole checkout process. From adding products, and managing customers, to setting up payment gateways, and processing orders.

Was there a specific task you were looking to accomplish that you're stuck on?

- Jacob
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2014-01-29 11:48 pm EST
I can't checkout and was told by opencart that I'm missing checkout steps and has to check my core file. I don't know where look for this therefore would like to know all steps that needs to be filled and where in my admin I need to do it.
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2014-01-30 1:29 am EST
If they are referring to checking your core files, this means that the website files that are required by OpenCart are missing. To resolve this issue, you would need to find out what specific files are missing, or re-install OpenCart with a fresh installation.
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2014-01-30 11:17 am EST
If I would reinstall opencart that means that I would have to make my store from the beginning because everything would be lost, right? What opnecart told me is: Opencart should include several steps to before customer checkout.
First should be the register account from opencart and choosing the payment and shipping method to confirm the order.
But your store just only directly place the order when customer try to checkout which skip the register, shipping and payment part.
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2014-01-30 2:46 pm EST
Hello again Mystore,

Do you have your OpenCart store hosted with us? We might be able to take a look and see what issues you might be having. It's really hard to troubleshoot a complex problem like it sounds like you're having with only minimal information.

If you are hosted with us and feel comfortable displaying your website in public here in our help center, please let us know the domain name you're having these OpenCart issues on. If you'd like to handle this privately, please submit a ticket with our support team letting them know your account details and the problems you're having.

Was your OpenCart store ever working at one point, and has just now stopped functioning at the checkout level? Or have you been in the process of setting up OpenCart for the first time, and the checkout process has yet to work at all yet?

Have you recently installed any extensions, or modified any thing with your OpenCart installation prior to the checkout no longer working?

It sounds like you might have some corrupted core OpenCart files, or that you simply have incorrect settings in some of them. To correct this, you'd probably want to install OpenCart to a new location. Then in the config.php file for that new installation, you could connect the OpenCart installation to your old OpenCart database by looking for these values in your first OpenCart installation's config.php file:

define('DB_USERNAME', 'userna5_ocar933');
define('DB_PASSWORD', '5vgqPlS92j');
define('DB_DATABASE', 'userna5_ocar933');

This way all of the products you've configured up to this point wouldn't be lost as they are still retained in the old OpenCart database. You would just be using a fresh set of OpenCart core files to ensure that wasn't where the original checkout issues were coming from.

We might be able to assist further if we can take a look at your site. However as OpenCart has already mentioned to you it probably relates to your core files and possibly a modification you've made, so definitely check that out first.

- Jacob
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2014-01-30 3:00 pm EST
I have opencrta hosted with you. I submited my tickect via email as I don`t have much understanding when it comes dealing with code edit.
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2014-01-30 7:20 pm EST
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