Why is your billing department so hard to work with?

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rhythmseed / 5 Points
2012-07-10 5:56 pm EST
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<p>I contacted your billing department today with regards to a surprise charge that showed up on my bank account in the amount of $11.99 for renewal of one of my domains, mylescrawley.com, registered with your company. This is the second time in less than 30 days that I have had to inquire why I was being billed for a renewal without any prior notification. The first time, on July 14th, I spoke to a woman named Tamara W. in your billing department. I asked her why I wasn't receiving notifications on my account. She informed me of the fact that "notifications need to be turned on" - a step I was totally unaware of. She then sent me an email with a link to AMP. No further instructions on setting up notifications were included in this email. Tamara did give me a quick run through of the process on the phone. She told me how to navigate to the area within AMP to make changes to my notifications. She did so in a tone that I perceived as detached, bored, and irritated. Most of my encounters with Web Hosting Hub representatives have been positive. I usually find them to be gracious and helpful. But not this time. Although I was taken aback by Tamara W.'s attitude and lack of customer service skills, I decided to let it go. It appeared as if I had a fix for my issue and that sufficed for the time being. Today I noticed another $11.99 charge to my checking account from Web Hosting Hub. I went back into AMP to check and make sure that the notifications were still in effect. They were as I had set them. On each account is said - "You currently have a reminder set up for 14 days in advance". I thought maybe the notification system wasn't working properly until I noticed that the domain in question had been renewed 14 days in advance - another detail I was unaware of. As I would find out later, this is company policy by your billing department. I called Web Hosting up once again, chose the billing department option, and found myself on the phone for the second time with Tamara W. I explained that I had set up notifications on my account per her prior verbal instructions and her email (pointing me to AMP). I said that the renewal fee for yet another domain had been taken from my account. I told her that it appeared the charge had been made 14 days in advance. She told me I probably hadn't set up the notifications properly and, in the same bored and irritated manner, asked me for my original password. When she accessed my account she informed me that I had set notifications for 14 days in advance, which didn't work because the payment would be transacted 14 days in advance. She said this to me in a tone that was perceived by me as somehow I had screwed up - pretty much the same way she addressed me on June 14th. Then she went on to say "Okay, this is what I can do for you. I can cancel the original transaction and we'll re-bill you in 14 days. And I will go in and fix your notifications so that it says '30 days in advance'". I said that wasn't acceptable and asked to speak to a supervisor. Tamara told be that there were no supervisors available. I said I would wait, She told me "You don't understand. There is no one here for you to speak to". I told Tamara that her so-called fix was unacceptable to me. I said, considering the lack of help and information received by me on June 14th, that I thought it only fair that Web Hosting Hub void the charge to my account and credit my account for the $11.99 for renewal of my domain. She said that I would have to send an email to <a href="mailto:manager_feedback@webhostinghub.com.">manager_feedback@webhostinghub.com.</a> She said she didn't have the ability to credit my account. I told her that I wanted resolution now and asked for the phone number of the customer care manager. She said "Hold on a minute. I'll be back", and she put me on hold. After about a minute she came back on the phone and said "Okay, I have canceled the transaction and I have re-set your notifications for 30 days in advance". I told her she had no right to do that and said that I was going to escalate this issue until I received the level of customer service that I expected. I once again asked for a phone number or email address for the head of customer care (I spoke to him briefly last year and he was extremely helpful). Once again Tamara said "Hold on" and after about 10 seconds an individual named Samantha P. got on the phone and identified herself as a supervisor. I told her that Tamara had said there were no supervisors there. She said she was on another call helping another customer. I said that Tamara had represented that there was no one on premises that could help me and she simply said "Well I'm here now sir". When I began to speak to Samantha P. it became apparent that she knew every detail of what was going on, and once again stated that Tamara had already gone in and canceled the original transaction and re-set my notifications to 30 days. And I once again said that she had no right to do that, and that I felt a credit to my account was the right thing to do. She said that would also happen and that there would be no charge for the renewal of mylescrawley.com. Her tone was also condescending and generally lacking respect. Realizing that I was not going to get any level of satisfactory customer service from Samantha or Tamara, I thanked her and hung up. Immediately following my conversation with Web Hosting Hub billing, I received an email notification saying that the transaction in question had been canceled. I have received no notification saying that the cost of renewal would be credited to my account. I went back in to AMP to see if the notifications had been changed. On my end at least, they still say "14 days in advance", so either Tamara didn't change it, or she changed it and then changed it back, or it hasn't refreshed to let me see an updated change yet. Either way, this whole situation has left me with a very bad impression of Web Hosting Hub in general and the billing department in particular. I have no idea what the status of my domain renewal is. BTW - this is my second negative encounter with Web Hosting Hub billing. Last year I transferred a group of domains from GoDaddy to WHH. The WHH billing department billed me twice for the yearly renewal fees and it took your customer service manager to straighten it all out. It looks like nothing has improved since then. What a shame.</p>

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2012-07-10 6:23 pm EST
Hello Rhythmseed,

I apologize to hear about the problems and difficulty you were having with Billing. This is not our expected level of service, nor is it typical of our personnel. They did mention the correct forum for your complaint - manager_feedback@webhostinghub.com- where ALL of these complaints are reviewed. I have gone ahead and forwarded your letter to them for you. Someone from management will be in touch with you soon.

If you have any further questions, please contact live technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.

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